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    How much you guys paying for Pork Belly`s whole ?
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    Is there any way to age a store bought already cured whole bone in ham for a year r so??
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    salt reduction

    What percent salt reduction do I do in order to compensate for the pink cure in my sausage recipe????
  4. roller

    SCORE !!!

    Scored today Super 1 had there Butts for $1.27 lb. they were 10 to 15 lbs each I bought 6 of them...First up is pan sausage..
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    Has anyone tried smoking the fresh Tuna they sell at Sam`s club ?
  6. roller

    Best Cheese

    What is your favorite cheese to go with smoked salmon ? This is some I smoked the other day.
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    Have no idea what kind it is it just grows all around my place.. First time I have ever dug any of it...
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    ever use Chinaberry for smoking ?
  9. roller

    Oh Boy !!!!!!!

    Ribs on sale for .99 a lb a a local market...Oh Boy away I go this morning.....  
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    I have been wanting to do a Capacola for a while now so back in Dec. 2012 I decided to try one using the DryBag method. I found a recipe on line and there are many of them and I addeded some seasoning of my own liking. I do not have a curing chamber so thats the reason I decided to do it this...
  11. roller

    Kabanosy Finish Drying

    I forgot to post pic`s of my Kabanosy after it had finished drying. It turned out real good and is great with a beer and some cheese..Will do this again...
  12. roller

    Beaver the not so white meat...

    A buddy of mine call the other day and said he had trapped a Beaver from his pond. He ask me were they any good to eat and I told him the last one that I had eaten was not bad...That was 30yrs ago.. I told him if he would skin it then I would cook it and we would see if it was good..So here it...
  13. roller

    Pancetta finished

    I put this Pancetta together 12/23/12 and made a thread of it. Here it is 3 mo. later all finished up and it came out just great. I used the Dry Bag method and aged it in my frig... Thanks for looking !
  14. roller


    I started this a couple weeks ago but was unable to finish it until today. I froze the seasoned meat mixture. Yesterday I defrosted the meat and stu   ffed it into Sheep casings. It was the first time that I have worked with sheep casing and they work real nice without any problems.. This is...
  15. roller

    Venison Sticks and Salami

    6 lbs of venison and 1 lb of 70/30 ground beef...A while back I posted a thread on a venison salami that I have been making for years but it was never stuffed into any type of casing so I decided to do just that ( to make it look better) and to make some sticks out of the same mixture (because...
  16. roller

    To much Butt !!!!!

    Starting to get to much Butt in my freezer so decided to use some of it to make me some Pork Butt Link Sausage..I liked the seasoning I used on my Alligator Sausage so much that I decided to use it for the Pork links. Total weight of the finished ground pork was 18lbs. I used TQ instead of #1...
  17. roller


    Been wanting to make a Panchetta (never done one) so I bought me a fresh Belly> I trimmed the skin off of it and the excess trash. Seasoned it down good with with some salt and cure#2 and some seasonings and placed it in a big storage bag and placed it in the frig for 10 days. Took it out and...
  18. roller


    Everybody and may GOD bless all of you and your families !!!!!!!
  19. roller

    How to make Capicola

    I have been looking on the net about how to make Capicola and did a search on here and the two methods are nothing alike. The ones that I have been reading on the net do not call for any smoking or cooking or brining with nothing but salt. The ones on here call for brining and smoking at a high...
  20. roller

    What`s the difference

    in Dextrose and Powered Sugar ?
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