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  1. Bobby Strange

    In the market for a grill

    Hey guys, i am in the market for a new grill...ive been looking at pellet smokers and Kamado style ceramic grills...does anyone have a preference?
  2. Bobby Strange

    11 hours for 4 pound brisket

    I picked up a brisket today after church...mixed up a rub and tossed that bad boy in the oven at 2pm...figured I’d slow cook it at 250 degrees for about 5 hours...that didn’t happen...the thing got stuck at 151 degrees for 4 hours, I kid you not...I never heard of the brisket stall...poor family...
  3. Bobby Strange

    Komodo Style Grill

    I am in the market for a new grill - I am really interested in the Komodo style grill/smoker...is it worth the money? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  4. Bobby Strange

    How to tell if it’s juices or water

    I have a round eye roast in my sous vide right now...as of now she has been in a bath at 135 for about 9 hours...I’m noticing that she seems covered in juices...my question is, is there a way to tell if it’s water or just the juices extracting from the roast...and even if it would be water, is...
  5. Bobby Strange

    Smoked or Sous Vide?

    So I’ve smoked meats for about the last 3 years...I absolutely love it...but for Christmas I received a sous vide machine and I was absolutely blown away at it...turned a chuck roast into something that tasted like prime rib...my question for everyone is which do you prefer and why? I guess I...
  6. Bobby Strange

    First time sous vide

    Hello, I am trying my hand at sous vide for the first time...I Have a roast slow cooking and I’m on about hour 21...I went home at lunch to check on it and it seems that some water has evaporated...it looks like the roast was still submerged but it was pretty even with the waters surface...I’m...
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