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  1. stircrazy

    Green Mountain Grills

    no problem, I am enjoying it so much I may just buy another one for home and keep the DC in the RV. Did a whole chicken last weekend ​ Steve
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  5. Green Mountain Grills

    Green Mountain Grills

  6. stircrazy

    Green Mountain Grills

    Farmers sausage and a Pork rib roast Rib Roast resting nice and Juicy, nice flavor hint of smoke three pork butt steaks After looking for over a year I pulled the trigger on a GMG DC at Christmas, I wanted one that was small enough to throw in the 5th wheel and take camping.  So far I...
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  11. stircrazy

    Falling off the bone!

    personally I like them so you can just pull the meat off the bone, and so does anyone who I have ever talked to in person.  seams just to be internet people who like to fight with there meat. Steve
  12. stircrazy

    For The Love Of Conch!

    some nice looking plates but I wouldn't eat any of them, don't like raw conch.  when I was in the Bahamas I did fall in love with grilled conch and conch stew though, they would remove the conch from the shell and cross hatch it season it and plop it on the grill, was still very very good, and...
  13. stircrazy

    what is that wonderfull smell

    Ok so I just got back from a week in San Diego and Anaheim.  one thing I noticed is the restaurants and such that are smoking stuff (or just grilling on a wood fire smell absolutely awesome.  anyone know what they are using for wood, I have never smelt that before. I smelt that smell in sea...
  14. stircrazy

    Homemade Sauerkraut Pictorial Guide: Q-View

    you make it exactly the same way as my dad taught me (nothing but cabbage and salt)  but we don't worry about air getting at the surface, we just scrape the foam off every day. we use a small woodent barrel that will make about a  50lb batch, put a wooden disc on top and a big rock to weigh it...
  15. stircrazy

    help with pork chops

    thanks for the replies guys, I just picked three hours as ribs take 5 haha.  ya they were to done for my liking.  I wondered about foiling with some juice like I do with ribs, but wasn't sure if chops would take it the same.  the wife loved them that's what counts I guess but they came out to...
  16. stircrazy

    Bradley Smoker vs Masterbuilt Smoker Pros Cons (advice needed)

    I'll play the other side, I bought the Bradley over the MES for two reasons, one it can cold smoke better.  I always hit my steaks with about 45 min of smoke (but no heat) before I grill them, and man are they good.  also the puck system can be loaded up for a 18 hour smoke and no fooling...
  17. stircrazy

    help with pork chops

    Ok so last night I did pork chops in the smoker.  I used my rib rub on them and then put them in for 3 hours at 200.  as expected they were good, but a little dry for my liking.  I have hear people talking about brining, is there a simple home made brine I can use to keep them moist? Steve
  18. stircrazy

    Pink slime

    for thoes that grind there own hamburger, what parts of the cow do you use to make it, and do you add any fat or other stuff? Steve
  19. stircrazy

    first time smoking fish

    thanks for the replies, and yes it does tast good, out of three fillits that were in the pack there is only one left now.  I cooked them in my bradley (long story) and I used 4 hours of there special blend then 3 hours of maple.  Next batch is getting the crown royal smoke, unless i go buy...
  20. stircrazy

    first time smoking fish

    Well, I saw some steelhead trout at costco for a good price so I thought I would get some and try smoking it. first pic, the fish was in the brine for 24 hours, rinsed, dryed and put on the smoker. and seven hours later at 150 degrees here are the results. from the sounds of it I will be...
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