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  1. camp_cookie

    bad conditions cook

    Today is my daughter's 4th birthday. We rented the building at the local park for her party thinking that the playground and such would be fun for the children. My wife wanted me to cook barbecue and threatened to cook spaghetti if I didn't do so. Yesterday, I picked up two chucks, a boneless...
  2. camp_cookie

    restoring some heirlooms

    My mother recently gave me a small skillet and a griddle that had belonged to her maternal grandmother. She found them in in storage in our old dairy barn. I have no idea how long they were there, but it was most likely 30 years or so. Here are a few before pictures of the skillet: and...
  3. camp_cookie

    Baltimore Pit Beef?

    I've seen several Baltimore pit beef references recently at various locations on the net. It seems it is a top round roast that is high heat seared on the outside and left rare on the inside. It is then sliced very thin and served in a sandwich. I haven't been able to find much on technique and...
  4. camp_cookie

    lamb steaks

    Cross cut lamb steak from a leg of lamb (sorry for the pic quality). This was the first time I had ever had lamb. It is seasoned with kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper and grilled direct over Royal Oak lump in my Weber kettle. I absolutely loved it. The flavor was outstanding, and it...
  5. camp_cookie

    country style (loin back) not quite as planned

    I went by my local meat shop today planning to pick up some pork tenderloin and bacon for supper tonight. Unfortunately, he was out of tenderloin; so, I ended up getting some country style "ribs" from him. Unlike the other places in the area, this guy cuts his from the loin back instead of...
  6. camp_cookie

    I'm in mourning.

    The Pig and the Pit (Milledgeville location) had the best pulled pork of any joint that I have ever eaten. This place was simply wonderful. I hope they get open in their new location soon. I didn't know they were moving downtown. That will add another 10 to 15 minutes each way to the joint...
  7. camp_cookie

    chuck roast and ribeye

    Both cuts are seasoned with Cow Lick from Dizzy Pig. The chuck roast is every so slightly over three pounds. I bought both pieces of meat from a local "naturally good" meat shop. The chuck is in the Big Green Egg over Royal Oak lump and some mesquite. Some of it will probably be used in...
  8. camp_cookie

    Wusthof at Williams-Sonoma

    I don't know if it is a regular deal, but I was in a Williams-Sonoma store today, and they had Wusthof santoku knives with the santoku sharpeners for the same price as I have seen the knives alone elsewhere. They had the Classic series and the Classic Ikon series. I picked up a 7"er Classic.
  9. camp_cookie

    name change

    I have changed my username from "SmokeyBear" to "camp_cookie" (thanks Dutch). I took the name from a line in "The Night Rider's Lament", which is one of my favorite songs. I like to cook, and I like to sing; so, it kind of made sense.
  10. camp_cookie

    baby backs, steaks, and taters

    For some reason tonight I had trouble getting the camera to focus; so, the pictures aren't the best in the world. While the wife and daughter were out of the house this afternoon, I threw on a small rack of baby backs that called out to me when I was in Bently's (a local market). I cooked it...
  11. camp_cookie

    Delta and Southern recipes

    http://www.deltablues.net/recipe.html I really enjoy the above linked web page. Something tells me that the author is a country boy that managed to get an education somewhere and is writing with a good natured poking fun but respectful look back at his upbringing.
  12. camp_cookie

    another recipe link

  13. camp_cookie

    another trip to Commerce

    I went back up to Commerce today and stopped by the Lodge outlet store. I didn't buy too much stuff today. I picked up a trivet, a few handle holders, and a 6" skillet from the seconds rack that was only $4.38. They had skads of 8, 10, and 12" skillets on the seconds rack this trip. The...
  14. camp_cookie


    I'm looking to buy a few pieces of fairly nice cutlery. I want a nice chef's knife and maybe a boning or all-purpose knife as well. What are the good folks here using? Suggestions? I know that Henckel and Wusthof are two of the big names, but they also have a big price. I read a few...
  15. camp_cookie


    Any of the good folks here ever cook with their camp ovens in the fireplace? We have a fireplace but never use it. We are the original owners of the house and have lived here for five years, but we have never had a fire in the fireplace.
  16. camp_cookie

    Lodge video

  17. camp_cookie

    simple but tasty

    I put my 8" skillet topped with the lid from my 8" camp oven with just enough olive oil to coat the bottom and put it into my oven at 350 while I sliced up some taters. I dumped the taters in the skillet and let them cook for a while and eventually upped the temp to 375 and added some Hickory...
  18. camp_cookie

    Florence/Decatur, AL?

    I'll be in Decatur, AL, on Friday night and in Florence on Saturday. I know that Big Bob Gibson's is in Decatur with two locations and that is considered one of the big names in que. Is one location better than the other? Funny thing is that the name has big recognition, but most reviews that...
  19. camp_cookie

    any Northwest Missouri State Bearcats here?

    I'm just curious to see if there are any NWMSU Bearcats here. Among the three institutions that have conferred a degree upon me is Valdosta State University. VSU and NWMSU are facing off in the D-II football national championship game this coming Saturday, 12/15, at 12noon eastern. The game...
  20. camp_cookie

    another temp guide and link

    I like this temp guide: http://www.aussiecampovencook.com/charcoalheatchart.htm The rest of the page associated with that group has some nice info.
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