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    My Memorial Weekend BBQ

    Hi all. I hope you all had as good a weekend as I did. Great weather and great company. My Q-View is a little lame because I had a lot to do and hungry guests. I had to use my phone. I did my first 3-2-1 ribs. They were awesome but I think it's time i pony up and buy Jeff's rub recipe. They...
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    Craigslist Add for a Nice Stainless Upright Fridge

    Found this today. It's real close to me, but I just have nowhere to put something like that. Mybe someone else can. http://allentown.craigslist.org/bfs/2088622822.html
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    Looking for a better electric smoker. Sugestions?

    Just looking for some advice. I know there are a lot of people here who have the MES 30 and that is what I'm leaning towards. I currently have an electric ECB, and want something a little more reliable and that I can set and forget and run at a low temp for cold smoking. (A-Maze-N will be...
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    Pastrami # 5....6.....I can't remember. But here it is any way

    This is the first thing I smoked that turned out really good, so I've been doing them regularly. It is a point, but I'm getting them so cheap, I can't resist. (About .94 per lb.) Is a flat any less fatty? These are ok, but one end always has so much fat on top. But the wife likes that part so oh...
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    First Smoked Pork Loin Roast

    I just got a full pork loin packer the other day and cut it into mostly chops. I kept a roast and figured, why not smoke it. I have'nt done anything other than ribs, a fatty and a couple of pastrami's so far. I'm still in the experimental phase I guess. I read that you take the loin to about 145...
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    Beef spare ribs and a Pastrami.

    This was by far my best smoke on the electric ECB. I followed some advice from a few good folks here and only used 3 chunks of hickory and 4 charcoal briquettes. Could have stayed on the smoke a little longer, but they sure tasted good. Notice the number on the bottom right? That was the...
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    Electric ECB Questions.

    I bought an electric ECB about a month ago do to price and supposed ease of use (2 young boys running around and not much time to babysit the smoker). I've used it twice now with less than desirable results. The meat seems to have a stale smoke flavor. Is it me, or should the lid have a...
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    My Very First Fattie. And My First Qview On The New Site

    Been dying to try one of these and I gotta tell ya that the wife and I are totally hooked. This is some ground venison we had in the freezer. I thought id would work well with the bacon. My stuffing was made with saute'd potatoes,onions,garlic.mushrooms and spinach. Here it is ready to be...
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    Help. Temps climbing quick

    This is the firs time using my new ecb electric. My smoker temp is about 215-230 (using two thermometers) and my pastrami point is already at 145 after just 2 hours. Is this ok? Last smoke was on a kettle grill and it took way longer to get to this temp. Thanks for any info.
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    Just want to say THANKS!

    Thanks to the help of a few people here, My smoked corned beef tip that I thought I had ruined found new life with a few minor suggestions. I had already cut the tip in half after the smoke (with the grain) DUH! I do know better. I steemed it, let it cool and sliced it the rest of the way (this...
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    Help for my Pastrami. W/ Qview

    This was my first real smoke. I may need some help here. lol I found corned beef brisket at my local grocery store for .89\lbs. They were tips and between 2-3 lbs each so I figured they would be good for my first run. I don't have a smoker yet so I used my fire pit with the riser removed. It is...
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    Qview test.

    Just tryin qview http://<a href="http://s1015.photobucket.com/albums/af276/cheezeerider-1/Smokin%20Meat/?action=view&current=FirstBrisket002.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1015.photobucket.com/albums/af276/cheezeerider-1/Smokin%20Meat/FirstBrisket002.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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    Any Takers HA HA HA!!!!!!

    This looks like a gem if anyone is near Philly. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/grd/1705927125.html
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    Good deal?

    Local craigslist ad has a char-griller smikin pro with sfb new in box for $75.00. I'm sure it's a good deal, but I see there are a lot of mods to get working realy well.Does anyone have details on the mods. Since I don't have a smoker right now and I'm using a modified kettle grill, This seams...
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    New Guy From PA

    New to smokin' and to forums, Please be gentile. I would like to start this weekend with some ribs. All I have is a propane grill that I just bought. (not enough in the budget for a smoker too) Any suggestions on how to set up a propane grill to smoke?
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