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  1. jfanch

    Gravity feed build

    Wanting to build a drum smoker but am using a piece of 24” diameter pipe instead of a drum. Looking for plans for the gravity feed section if somebody has a drawing.
  2. jfanch

    Redicure brand curing salt

    Can't seem to find redicure brand curing salt anywhere. Has anybody found a place to order it.
  3. jfanch

    Building my first smoker

    Just about read for a trailer for my reverse flow smoker. With my calculations I should be between 1000 and 1100 pounds. Tractor supply has a sale on 5x8 trailers that have a gvrw of 2000 pounds. Load limit is 1600 pounds. Would this be safe to mount smoker on. What is a good way to balance out...
  4. jfanch

    my frankentraeger

    installed a rectec smoker box on my pro series 22 traeger. havnt got a chance to try it out yet. 
  5. jfanch

    pork butte is on

    got the traeger fired up at 225. 9 1/2 pound pork butte just went on at 6:40. picked it up at local sparkle market for $20 plus tax will be eating good sometime tomorrow. this is my first one. any suggestions are appreciated. thanks jason
  6. jfanch

    smoked eggs in shell

    did some raweggs in shell today for first time in smoke hollow electric with the the smokai generator. temp was at 225 for 2 hours with smoke generator going whole time with apple pellets.
  7. jfanch

    hello from toronto ohio

    just getting into smoking. a few months ago i bought a smoke hollow electric smoker and a smokai cold smoker. thermostat on sh smoker had some wild swings in temp so i built a pid controller ( already made a few of these since i cast my own bullets). i attached the smokai to the bottom of the sh...
  8. jfanch

    cold smoker attachment for traeger pellet grill

    first post here. just getting into smoking. has anybody bought the cold smoker for their pellet grill and how does it work? can you still use it to hot smoke stuff also? thanks jason
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