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  1. hangmanli

    Planning on buying a Kamado next year: cart questions

    hey folks I just bought my first smoker which was a Bradley digital electric smoker three years ago. As I have learned more I was planning to get a different type of smoker as an addition. After doing a bit of research I think I’m planning on buying a very large Kamado Joe before next...
  2. hangmanli

    Different types of smokers: what are the benefits of each?

    hey folks I bought my first smoker couple years ago. Since I was a newbie I bought a Bradley 4 shelf digital smoker. Later on I learned about the Amazen smoke tubes. I don’t even use the Bradley “pucks” anymore. As I have learned since then there are a lot of different types of smokers...
  3. hangmanli

    Thermopro TP-20 has issues/what is a better product?

    Hey folks, I haven't been on here in while. In December of 2017 I bought a ThermoPro TP-20 dual probe thermometer with the remote control. My first smoker is a Bradley 4 shelf digital unit. I use it about twice year when I am smoking large batches of various types of venison sausages. I...
  4. hangmanli

    Venison summer sausage blooming question

    Hello, I haven't been on here in a while. I just did a 25 lb. batch of Summer sausage that was 50% venison & 50% pork. I have used the LEM package with the cure inside. I use a Bradley smoker with the Amazin smoke tube with apple flavored pellets. I got the internal temperature up to 160...
  5. hangmanli

    First attempt at whiting: any advice?

    hey folks, I went offshore fishing yesterday with a friend. We caught a lot of Whiting. Fish have been cleaned and the heads removed. The skin is still on the fish. Up until now I have only smoked venison and I have not done any fish yet. I have a Bradley 4 shelf smoker. I do not use...
  6. hangmanli

    Venison franks: need advice

    over the past several days I made 25lbs of venison summer sausage, 12 1/2 lbs of venison trail Bologna, 12 1/2 lbs of venison garlic sausage and 12 1/ lbs of venison franks. They were put into edible collagen casings. I used the LEM packet seasoning with the Instacure. I’ve got a Bradley 4...
  7. hangmanli

    Amazen or other brand tube smokers?

    fellas, I’ve got a 4 shelf digital Bradley smoker Someone recently mentioned the A-Maze-In smoke tube in lieu of the Bradley bisquettes. I’ve seen some other brands of smoke tubes online. Are they all comparable to each other? Or is the A-Maze-In brand smoke tube a better or superior design?
  8. hangmanli

    Extreme cold and windy weather questions

    hey fellas, I’m fairly new to smoking and I’ve had a Bradley digital Smoker for the the past five or six weeks. I’ve done some somesummer sausage, Bologna, and currently trail Bologna I started half of a 25 pound batch of trail bologna yesterday. This morning I tried to finish the rest...
  9. hangmanli

    Newbie: venison bologna in 5” casings..advice?

    hey fellas, This is my second attempt at using the new Bradley digital 4 shelf smoker. I’ve got 4 thick 5” casings packed with venison & pork. Used the LEM package for 25 lbs (Bologna) Have 2 hanging now just drying out for an hour at 120°. I will insert the Meat probes once I start the...
  10. hangmanli

    Looking for Vacuum sealing machine recommendations

    I know it’s not about smoking but I’m eventually planning on replacing my Costco Foodsaver machine. It works however it doesn’t have the ability to keep working. After @ 6 to 8 bags it has to be shut down and allowed to rest for 10 minutes. Then it will work again for a while. I would like...
  11. hangmanli

    Bradley smoker modification & improvements?

    fellas, I’m new to smoking and bought my first smoker a couple of weeks ago: A Bradley digital 4 shelf smoker/oven. During my first attempt smoking venison summer sausage in 2 1/2” fibrous casings I realized that using the smoker alone takes way too long. Since then I’ve learned about the...
  12. hangmanli

    2 1/2” Fibrous casing sticking to summer sausage.

    hey fellas, I’m new to smoking. Got a Bradley 4 shelf digital smoker recently. I had venison summer sausage with 40% fat in the mix. I used the LEM seasoning package with Instacure. I soaked the fibrous casings for almost an hour. Then after stuffing them I let them dry in the Bradley oven...
  13. hangmanli

    Remote 2 probe meat thermometer questions

    fellas, I’m new to smoking and just got a Bradley Smoker. I bought this dual probe remote meat thermometer. The reviews were good. However I’d like to know if any of you folks have used this model? Does anyone have any experience with it? Good or not? ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote...
  14. hangmanli

    New from Long Island

    hey fellas, New to smoking and just got my 4 rack Bradley digital smoker. So much to learn about smoking. Just receive the book by Rytek Kutas. Serious Bowhunter here in an area overrun with deer. We are allowed Unlimited does. Three freezes nearly full. Need to do a lot of smoking!!
  15. hangmanli

    Summer sausage and other sausage internal temperatures?

    fellas, I’m new to smoking and just bought a Bradley digital 4 rack smoker. I did 25 lbs of summer sausage with the LEM seasoning packet with Instacure. I used the 2 1/2” burgundy fibrous casings. realized that I overloaded the smoker the first time with 20 pounds. It took almost 24 hours...
  16. hangmanli

    Newbie: Just ordered my first smoker

    Hey folks, I just ordered my first smoker which is a Bradley four shelf unit. I also ordered the cover, Remote control meat probe/thermometer, and a couple boxes of the bisquettes. The reason I chose this is because it supposed to be fairly idiot proof for a newbie like me. I live in an...
  17. hangmanli

    New here. Questions about Morton's Tender quick

    I have been making a lot of ground meat Venison jerky by using the LEM seasoning packets. I've been looking online for other homemade jerky recipes using ground Venison meat. I found a bunch of recipes which did recommend using Morton's Tender Quick as well as canning salt. The problem is...
  18. hangmanli

    Hello everyone. New here

    Hello, I live in Long Island New York. I do a lot of bow hunting on eastern Long Island because we have an overpopulation of deer . I have not bought any type of smoker yet because I don't know much about it. I do have a LEM meat grinder with sausage tube attachments. Also a meat mixer...
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