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  1. mrad

    Has anyone tried cured prok belly for burnt ends?

    I have a cured pork belly I have been cold smoking for bacon. I toying with the thought of cutting off a hunk to make burnt ends with. Has anyone tried this, and if so, how did it turn out?
  2. mrad

    Bittersweet smell on pork belly when cold smoking

    I have my second Pork Belly that I am cold smoking in my Blazn Grill Works Grid Iron pellet grill when using the amps tube with the grill off. When I did the first one about a year ago, and ended up with a bitter/sweet smell on the bacon and grill. Two nights ago I threw another pork belly in...
  3. mrad

    Cold smoke or hot smoke bacon?

    I have a 9lb pork belly that has cured for three weeks and is now soaking in water for an hour. Is there a preference of hot vs. cold smoking for bacon? I did one other pork belly that I made into bacon. I cold smoked that one for 15 hours cold smoking it 3-4 times in increments of 3-4...
  4. mrad

    Chuck vs. Arm Roast

    In the past when I have smoked chuck for pulling, I have always bought the regular chuck roasts. The store I buy them at also advertises Chuck "arm roasts" that are usually $1 lb cheaper and look much leaner. I have avoided them thinking they may be too lean. Has anyone smoked both and if...
  5. mrad

    Bacon Cure time question

    Is two weeks to long to cure a pork belly between 1.5 and 2" thick? I put a dry cure run on it about 9 days ago. As I was getting ready to head out of town for the weekend, I realized I still had the pork belly curing in a vac sealed bag. Will an additional 3-4 days cause an issue?
  6. mrad

    Looking for BBQ caterer suggestions for Tucson AZ

    We will be in Tucson Arizona for a week in mid March. we are looking for a caterer to make our group of around 100 some good BBQ. Does anyone have any suggestion. The past couple of years, the parent organizer went through "Dickies BBQ". It was Okay at best Thanks in Advance
  7. mrad

    Can an aluminum foil pan be used to brine?

    I was going to use Pop's wet brine the brine . a pork belly for bacon. Any concerns in using a disposable aluminum foil pan? Is there a concern if I cannot get the whole gallon of brine into the pan? The pork belly is 8.9 lbs
  8. mrad

    What is the shelf life cryo-vac pork belly

    I have read that Costcos cryo-vac brisket can wet age 30+ days. What is the shelf life for the cry-vac pork belly??
  9. mrad

    Bone in vs. Boneless Prime Rib

    For those of you who have done both, Do you notice any flavor difference? I can get a bone in for $2 lb less. Im guessing the cost would even out, or avg. more for the bone in after you figure the bone loss, but I'm curious if the bone in has any more flavor?
  10. mrad

    Whats the lowest temp you cook a prime rib at?

    I am plan on throwing a prime rib on tomorrow. I usually smoke them at 225-250 but was considering 190 on the pellet grill to get more smoke and a more even doneness(SP?). Curios if anyone has tried a Prim Rib at such a low temp???
  11. mrad

    Quick tri tip question

    Just wondering how long it usually takes you guys to get tri tip to 115 at 225? I just put a couple of 1.8 pounders on the smoker and am wonder what time to plan on them being ready to sear.
  12. mrad

    Looking for low or no sugar Jerky recipes

    I cut sugar out of my diet about a month ago. I would like to make some jerky, but my favorite recipe contains quite a bit of brown sugar. Does anyone have any low sugar or no sugar recipes?
  13. mrad

    Sirloin Tip or Eye of Round for Jerkey?

    The local store has both on sale for $3.49 lb. Which would make better jerky?
  14. mrad

    Fat % in Hamburger for beef stick

    What's the highest fat content you would use for beef sticks? Whats the lowest fat content? I have always used 80/20 but have not been able to find it on sale this summer. This week I found 73% lean for $1.99 and 86% lean for $2.69. I'm wondering if one is too lean while the other has too much...
  15. mrad

    Question on Beef country style ribs

    Would these be the same as boneless short ribs? Local store has the on sale for $4.99 lb. Was going to pick up a couple pounds for throwing on the davey crocket while camping this weekend
  16. mrad

    Brisket with butcher paper dissapointment

    I will preface this by saying I probably have 15-20 briskets under my belt. Some with very good results, some with less than desired results. I usually find an 11-15lb prime packer from Costco. I usually smoke at 275 and foil at 160-165. I only use SPOG. This past weekend I thought I was going...
  17. mrad

    Does this sound like a creosote buildup problem

    I have been having some issues with a lot of black tar like build up on my blazn grill works pellet grill. I often use an amps with it. I have also noticed when I cold smoke some items, I get more of a sour/sweet smell than a smokey smell. LAst night when I could smoked a papa murphys for...
  18. mrad

    what do you use for your spog?

    What do you guys use for onion and garlic? Do you use powder or granulated? I have been using powder but was curious as to what others are using.
  19. mrad

    Can pizza dough be frozen?

    If I make a few batches of pizza dough, can I freeze it after letting it rise for 48 hours in the fridge, or will I run into issues?
  20. mrad

    question on slaughterhouse brine

    Do you simply mix the ingredients and brine, or do you cook/boil to dissolve everything?
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