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  1. dacdots

    Boiled Peanuts?

    Put them in a pressure cooker at 10 lbs for about 30 minutes,its a lot quicker.
  2. dacdots

    First time bacon help

    Sugar,salt on the outside seven days smoke 16 hours.to hell with all that stupid crap,then you got bacon...sheees
  3. dacdots

    Snack Sticks

    Mule,try some citric acid,gives them that zing taste your looking for.
  4. dacdots

    What does your sausage processing area look like?

    So far this is what I have but it gets better every year.The guy in the pic is a friend with whom we get two pigs most years to play with.
  5. dacdots

    "Remember Me" this video will move you

    I have the up most respect for anyone willing to fight for their country,being former military myself.These people,as you all know,live through hellish conditions every day and risk their lives every day.Maybe I shouldn't air my views on this war but I must.This war is not about 9-11 or...
  6. dacdots

    How many pounds per casing?

    Id say GOAT is very close.A 2"x24" will hold just over 2 lbs,
  7. dacdots

    check this mater-view

    Looks like my uncle Joe after too much to drink.
  8. dacdots

    First Time Smoking and way too salty!!

    There telling you right,too long in the cure,Ive done it myself cause I just didn't have time cause of working unexpected overtime.Be careful about the soaking time,if it goes too long it wont have any flavor at all.Next time when you take it out of cure put it under running water and lightly...
  9. dacdots

    Happy Birthday Monty

    Hey Monty,Happy Birthday my old friend.We don't get to talk much any more seems like,but heres hoping this one was as good as they get,Your Hillbilly friend ,David
  10. dacdots

    Smoking Bacon

    I think you want to stay with cold smoking,you don't want to cook your bacons in the smoker.I smoke mine at 135 until the internal hits 128-130 then take it out.Make sure to leave out the smoke until the surface of the bacon is well dried because a wet bacon will not take smoke right.To get a...
  11. dacdots

    Tis the season for giving for our soldiers...

    Go to the USO website and sponsor a care package.I did one the other night,they say you can do it right up till Christmas Eve and a solider will get it.
  12. dacdots

    Merry Christmas to all !!

    I would also wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a good time all around.Jeff buck up,that surgery isn't much these days.My wife had hers removed and was up and around that evening,was back to work in two days.This is my first year not to visit my dear ol Mother on Christmas Eve,she departed this...
  13. dacdots

    Breaking The Ice

    Holy crap,I'm so glad I'm not an office geek.
  14. dacdots

    My First Brisket

    When we got our beefs this fall I had the guy cut out the briskets.Ive never done one but now I have four nice big ones to practice on.Ill have to get into the archives and find out how to do them.
  15. dacdots

    Canadian bacon

    I put a loin into cure this weekend for some Canadian bacon.This is one Ive never done before,I hope it turns out good.Anyone got any ideas on the smoking process Id love to hear about it.
  16. dacdots

    Jerky temps and time

    Fritz thats some mighty nice looking jerky.We done about 5 lbs this weekend and it turned out really good.Id take some pics but it never seems to set still long around here to get a camera focused.Ill tell you,when you go to talking about jerky seems like everyone you know wants some of it.I...
  17. dacdots

    looking for casing

    The collegian casings I have bought have holes in them for smoke penetration [gosh I love that word.]If yours don't have holes Id guess you could use a sausage pricker or a small needle and make your own holes.
  18. dacdots

    looking for casing

    I have made my own out of Muslin like Salmon said and it works pretty good and is a lot cheaper.The only thing I didn't like about it is it seems to leave a skin on the meat after cooking.I say a skin,maybe you would call it a rind but it is a thin layer of tough dry meat that was not for...
  19. dacdots

    deer jerky

    Nicey nice,thats looking good.I also started making some this week,got 2.5 quarts dried.Ive got probably 20 more lbs. in the shed fridge to start on today.I worked a 16 hour shift yesterday so I'm off today and the weekend,should be able to get it all done this weekend.Your recipe sounds about...
  20. dacdots

    An idea for the school systems...

    Hawg,thats good thinkin,from the time my kids could crawl through the yard I had them out showing them how to live.My girls,while still very girlie,can out work I bet 75% of the boys in this country.Now once they turned about 14 I ran them into the house to learn how to live inside,cook,organize...
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