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  1. fourashleys

    Pork Loin with photos.

    :Looks-Great: NICE JOB!!! Tell yer friends :th_nopicsye3: so hold the drool a second .....:police2:
  2. fourashleys

    MAK Pellet Grill Butts

  3. fourashleys

    Grilled Ham for Easter

    YUMMY!!!! :drool
  4. fourashleys

    Early start to the day! BB Ribs

    Nice looking ribs! Thanks for sharing. Thumbs Up
  5. fourashleys


    Prayers sent. Lived through many tornadoes and don't wish them on anyone.
  6. fourashleys

    Hey Y'all

    :welcome1: to SMF!! Thank you for your service as it cannot be overstated. Looking forward to seeing Q-view. Take advantage of all the knowledgable folks on here. They are a great help when you have questions.
  7. fourashleys

    Just Starting Out

    :welcome1: Lots of brains to pick around here!! :grilling_smilie:
  8. fourashleys

    New Smoker

    :welcome1: to SMF!! Enjoy :grilling_smilie: :yahoo:
  9. fourashleys

    Newbie from Virginia

    :welcome1: Don't forget the Q-view!!
  10. fourashleys

    Newbie in Iowa

  11. fourashleys

    Howdy from Kentucky

    :welcome1: to SMF! You could read build threads for days on here and completely overload your brainpan. But it's still alot of fun. Enjoy, learn, and don't forget the pics :grilling_smilie:
  12. fourashleys

    Newbie in Colorado

    :welcome1: to SMF.... and the addiction!! :grilling_smilie:
  13. fourashleys

    Been several years since I've been on here

    :welcome1: back
  14. fourashleys

    Semi-pro smoker in Ontario

  15. fourashleys

    Mississippi Newbie

    X2 :welcome1:
  16. fourashleys

    Reverse Flow First Time Builder.

    Nice get on the pipe. Check the pit calculator to answer alot of your # questions. Looking forward to some pics.:welcome1:
  17. fourashleys

    new smoker for a buddy of mine

    Got the tank opened up today. Couldn't sleep so I figured I'd try to be productive. The tank was nice and clean inside except for some rust piled up at what was the bottom. A putty knife made quick work of it though and the tank is solid. Got the door trim on and cleaned up. Got OT all weekend...
  18. 0427111640a_325854.jpg


  19. 0427111415a_322410.jpg


  20. fourashleys

    "Grill Challenged" Newbie

    :welcome1: Need Q-view of the "family fued" don't forget us
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