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  1. krusher

    elk hunt 2009, qview

    looks great E. glad you got one. Hope everythings been going good for you.
  2. krusher

    Never thought would be doing this here!

    well, I havent been on in a LONG time, so let me be the first to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
  3. krusher

    Ready to SCREAM

    I have a bullet type charcoal smoker, I bought it in december. When I started using it I had to use 1 whole chimney lit, and then I would add another chimney full of unlit in the other side of the basket. That would give me 240-250 then. A couple weeks ago I fired it up with the same load and...
  4. krusher

    Show Me Your Tats!!!!

    I guess I'm just spoiled, I worked in the industry for a little company called time machine, we sold our machines worldwide, and had distributors of our ink and machines in germany and russia, and I got to meet alot of the top tattoo artists, becase they would come to our shop to see our...
  5. krusher

    Show Me Your Tats!!!!

    what jail house did you get those from ??
  6. krusher

    OK Thats not funny...sorta

    on a quiet night , you can hear a ford suck!
  7. krusher

    St. Louis Ribs From Spares W/ Tutorial & Qview And Analysis Is It Worth It?

    I love the st. leweys, there more tender and the meat is better, just eat the skirt meat as an app. while your smoking the rest, as for the other piece you cut off, treat them just like your ribs, and just leave them in the foil for an hour and a half longer and you got some pulled pork for...
  8. krusher

    Smoked Cheese for the Smithsonian Society....with q-view

    looks and sounds great chef! your imressive for sure, thats something about getting to smoke for the smithsonian. I lived in alexandria when I was about 12, and always loved going to the air and space, and natural history.
  9. krusher

    Second Try at Spare Ribs

    looks good bud, in my opinion you just can beat those spare ribs st. louis style.
  10. krusher

    Tap, Tap, Tap, is this thing on!!!

    hear ya loud and clear, glad we can get back on and hang out now!
  11. krusher

    Coffee can and wood chips/chunks?

    just take that can and sow it off where it will fit under your water pan. I used to cover mine wiht foil , but here lately I have stopped, if you do cover it with foil make sure you poke 10 or so holes in it so the smoke can get out. You will get smoke faster this way and it will last longer too.
  12. krusher

    some good info on the searing subject

    thats funny.. I was thinking about doing the same thing, got two in the freeze now......but the wife says after last weekends smoke fest I can't smoke anything for two weeks. :-(
  13. krusher

    some good info on the searing subject

    I'll still sear my briskets, I thought it would be good to show because alot of people think it holds in juices. I never thought it did, but I love the flavor that you get when you sear the fat on the basically any piece of beef. But when you sear the fat cap on it and then smoke with the fat...
  14. krusher

    First time ever buying racks of ribs !

    never has on me, just wait about an hour before you spray them for the first time, and I spray quite a bit when I spray, and It doesnt get dark like some rubs do, I'm guessing because the sugar content is low compared to some, here is the thread that I compared it to jeffs rub in, you will...
  15. krusher

    First time ever buying racks of ribs !

    here is a good dry rub CA, it's a memphis, even has MSG in it. I like it, used it last weekend. You may want to double it.1 tsp onion powder1 tsp garlic powder1 tsp ground black pepper1/4 cup paprika2 tsp salt1 tbsp dark brown sugar, packed1 tsp dry mustard1 tbsp white sugar2 tsp MSG1 tsp...
  16. krusher

    Pork Shoulder

    nice job,,on the smoke and the pics.
  17. krusher

    Any Ideas For a Cheap Smoke This Weekend?

    hey solar, here is one I have been wanting to try, I was going to suggest burgers too. Hope whatever you do goes well. http://smokingmeatforums.com/forums/...ght=hamburgers
  18. krusher

    First time ever buying racks of ribs !

    cant really tell, looks like they might be st. louis style (trimmed) spare ribs. But they might be baby backs.
  19. krusher

    Thermometer calibration

    dont know, you could also check it by filling a cup with crushed ice and then filling with water, take you probe and stir it, you should come up with 32 degrees. we have a member here that lives it littleton colorado and he says water boils at 198 degrees. hope this helps.
  20. krusher

    some good info on the searing subject

    I got this in my e-mail yesterday and thought it would be some good info for you all to read, it addresses the myth that searing hold juices in. It also talks about the carmelization that occurs that gives us the taste we that sear love. It's also got a link for temps for meat and fish at the...
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