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  1. beachcomber1126

    OMG....Smoked meatloaf

    Totally agree with you. I will never made another meatloaf again without putting in the smoker.  I have made meatloaf twice in all the years of cooking for my boys but since we smoked our first, they have asked a half dozen times for more.  I brought some in for my co-workers (ie: my food test...
  2. beachcomber1126

    Meatloaf and meatballs and sauce...oh my!

    With autumn here and the cooler weather, I was feeling the need for a few good hearty meals.  So it was time to try my hand at meatloaf which of course expanded into doing meatballs also since they are so close in the ingredients list. I started off by putting several sweet onions, garlic, and...
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  15. beachcomber1126

    Smoked Shrimp With Spicy Kale Salad!

    It looks very delicious.  What kind of wood did you use to smoke the shrimp?
  16. beachcomber1126

    Anyone smoking before the Red Sox game? (Meat , that is)

    I ended up smoking two different kinds of meatloaf and a whole big batch of meatballs.  Also smoked the onions, garlic, and red peppers to make a pot of sauce.  Boy did the smoked meatballs add a great flavor layer to the sauce. 
  17. beachcomber1126

    Phew! Brisket turned out fairly good

    I am finding that out indeed!  LOL
  18. beachcomber1126

    QView Catching up - Pulled Chicken and Bacon Wrapped Chicken

    Just a few shots for QView for pulled chicken that I used for enchiladas and back wrapped chicken breasts. I used boneless chicken thighs with commercial rub I get at my local meat shop.  Put them in the smoker at 225 for about an hour to just take on some nice smoke.  Then I put them in a pan...
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