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  1. oldsmokerdude


    They have actually been around for a while, building grills for the likes Traeger and others before they decided to market grills under their own name. Found mainly in big box stores they get okay reviews on Amazon and others. Not a high end grill by any means but if they fit your budget, they...
  2. oldsmokerdude

    First cook on my Grilla Alpha

    That is a great looking cook!! Haven't cooked a brisket since last fall. Hmmm.......anyone have an issue with an Easter brisket?
  3. oldsmokerdude


    Sorry, never used them. BUT am certainly looking forward to your reviews :emoji_sunglasses:
  4. oldsmokerdude

    Honey brown suger wheat

    Very nice looking loaves.
  5. oldsmokerdude

    2 spatchcocked chickens - what sort of timeframe am I looking at?

    Spatchcocked whole chickens you should be able to do in a couple hours. Certainly less than the 4 hours you have allotted. I would actually smoke them a bit hotter, 275 or so. Should be done 2 to 2.5 hours. Your mileage may vary of course.
  6. oldsmokerdude

    smoker question on "type " of smoke

    You are correct: if you are getting a thick white smoke, that is not good. It indicates incomplete combustion and the addition of lots of off flavors and other nasty things. You should shoot for a thin blue smoke for the best flavor. You need to ensure you have good air supply for you fire in...
  7. oldsmokerdude

    Searing made easy

    Great idea. Thanks for the tip.
  8. oldsmokerdude

    New Smokin-It Model 3.5

    Congrats on your new smoker. Wish I could be there to try some of you initial PP pizza. That sounds great. I also believe you'll be super happy with your SmokinIT smoker. I have an older SmokinIt model 2 that I still use....A LOT. You are correct, the build quality is amazing for the price...
  9. oldsmokerdude

    Fragmented or ground jerky question

    I've made quite a bit of both "types" of jerky. That made from ground beef is good, just different from whole muscle jerky. I'll let you come up with your own recipe, but here are some "guidelines" that I use. I tend to use 95% lean to 5% fat. After mixing up using your favorite recipe, put it...
  10. oldsmokerdude

    Rib rubs

    I fall squarely in SmokinAl's camp, I use the same rub on (almost) everything. BUT, it really boils down to what do you like best?
  11. oldsmokerdude

    Sourdough Rye

    Big fan of sourdough and make it nearly weekly myself. I have to say that I'm envious of your open crumb, something that consistently eludes me. Your loaf looks amazing.
  12. oldsmokerdude

    Anybody Wanna Make Some Smoked Fire Roasted Salsa? (W Pics)

    Thanks so much for sharing. Love salsa, but the one time I tried making my own a few years back it was, well, not very good to put it nicely. I am definitely going to give this a try.
  13. oldsmokerdude

    Buttermilk battered Fried Wild Turkey nuggets

    Looks mighty fine. Just egg and flour for the coating or something special?
  14. oldsmokerdude

    New to smokin!

    Welcome to the forum and the world of smoking stuff. This is the only hobby where you can eat your mistakes!! Looks like a lot of smoke coming out of your new smoker (congratulations by the way). It will take a bit of practice, but as bregent mentioned, you want to shoot for a thin, blue smoke...
  15. oldsmokerdude

    Louisiana Estate 860BI

    No doubt you do get a stronger smoke flavor from your Kamodo than your Louisiana grill. That said, there are some things you can do with your pellet grill to increase the smoke flavor. You could use one of the AMAZIN Pellet products to augment your smoke. You could smoke at a lower temp for the...
  16. oldsmokerdude

    Smoked Chicken Empanadas

    Thanks, everyone for your kind comments. The missus liked them so well she asked if I could make them again today!!
  17. oldsmokerdude

    Smothered Adobo Marinated Skirt Steaks (W Pics)

    Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  18. oldsmokerdude

    Smoked Chicken Empanadas

    Wanted to try something completely different (for me) utilizing some left overs. I found some smoked chicken in the freezer from last fall. I do like Mexican food and was trying to think of something I hadn't done before. Let's see: Nachos (done that), burritos (done that), enchiladas (done...
  19. oldsmokerdude

    New guy from Texas

    Welcome to the best bbq and cooking forum on the web. Sounds like you are doing your due diligence in choosing your next smoker. As you've seen there are many different kinds each with their good points and downsides, as well as a wide variety in quality and cost within each type. Each type of...
  20. oldsmokerdude

    Pit Boss 1100

    Firstly, thanks for joining, this is a great place to get information and questions answered. Now about your question: The searing area/plate/whatever you want to call it is for just that: searing the meat. This requires a high temperature as you want to impart a sear or char without further...
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