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  1. hilbillyinca

    First time Brats w/Q-View - Thanks Princess!!

    Ok - - Kicked off my second run at Sausage with much better results. Many thanks to Princess for the Green Bay Brat walkthrough. I didn't follow your recipe exactly, I kind of hodgepodged it with a couple of others I found on our fourms.  Mine came out great, but I might have over-seasoned...
  2. hilbillyinca

    First attempt at sausage Q-View - Turkey, feta and sun-dried tomato

    So I bought a cheapo grinder/stuffer from Bass Pro.  Some of you fine folks helped me understand the Auger Stabilizer, and I appreciate that. Last night I did a quick run to test it out. I used Ground Turkey (already had it in the fridge..), Sun-dried tomatoes, feta, coriander, fennel seed...
  3. hilbillyinca

    #10 LEM Grinder/stuffer from Bass Pro Shops - Whats the "star" for

    Afternoon all, I finally broke down and bought an inexpensive manual grinder/stuffer this weekend from Bass Pro. It's a #10 LEM brand with hand crank that clamps to the table. I went really inexpensive, because I wanted to make sure I would enjoy the process, and I'm sure I will, before...
  4. hilbillyinca

    Ham Steak? How long, glaze idea?

    O Mighty SmokingMeatForums Brain, I'm tossin' a couple racks of bbr's on the smoker in a bit, hooray!! We recently picked up a pack of ham steaks from Costco, and I'd like to toss one on the smoker since I have it fired up. I've never smoked a ham, neither whole nor steaks. This steak is...
  5. hilbillyinca

    Am I crazy? Where's the membrane?

    Am I the only one that occaisonally finds ribs that have already had the membrane removed? Often when buying Spares from Costco and recently bbr's from Lucky's I get racks where there is no membrane. There's still a really thin silverskin, but nothing like a normal membrane. Is the butcher...
  6. hilbillyinca

    Everett and Jones BBQ sauce exchange

    Would love to try some local/regional sauces rubs from other parts of the country. I've had several from the memphis area. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and my current favorite bottle sauce is Everett and Jones. They are a family owned bbq joint in emeryville/Oakland area, with a newer...
  7. hilbillyinca

    Spicy Java Baby Backs & Peach Jello BBRs

    So I tried a couple new additions to baby backs this weekend. First off, I got a little lazy in two ways.. 1. I only have one qvue from the first cut on the cooked rack 2. I actually cooked these indirect on my gas grill. I just wasn't up to firing up the smoker, sigh.. So first I took 3...
  8. hilbillyinca

    HELLP! What the heck is Flap steak

    I just got my "mystery meat" for the KCBS Championships in Fairfield, CA. I only have a couple of hours to figure what the heck to do with this. I'm not even sure what it is... It's a cryovac pack, probably about 8 to 10 lbs. It looks similar to a brisket, but the Organizer called it a Flap...
  9. hilbillyinca

    KCBS West Coast BBQ Champioinships

    http://westcoastbbqchampionships.com This is my first KCBS event. I've done a local non-sanctioned comp for the past two years. Took 3rd in chicken this year. I've got my own team "Smokin' Fatties", but for my first KCBS comp, I'm competing with a more experienced team. I'll be cooking Pork...
  10. hilbillyinca

    King of the County, Martinez, CA

    It's not a KCBS comp, but still a fun event. This time will be my first solo competition and the birth of "Smokin Fatties" BBQ team. http://www.countybbq.com/ It's my second year doing this event, previously I was "interning" with another team. I learned a lot, and looking forward to my new...
  11. hilbillyinca

    Dehydrated apple powder in Rib Rub?

    So I've been toying with the idea, and wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I like an "appley-sweet" flavor to go with spiciness of my pork rib rub. Typically I foil in apple juice, or beer/apple cider vinegar to get some of that flavor. But my thought is to by dehydrated apple slices...
  12. hilbillyinca

    Fatty Question: Dense meat

    So I've done several fatties now. My far and away favorite was breakfast fatty (scrambled eggs, cream cheese, chives, onions, salsa verde). My question is such: Is anybody else a little put off by how dense the meat becomes when pressed into a ziploc and rolled? I LOVE breakfast sausage...
  13. hilbillyinca

    Super Beef Rib question

    So I went to Baby Blue's the other day. (BBQ joint in Venice Beach, CA and San Francisco, CA). One of their specialty items is a beef rib. Yes one rib. It is essentially a steak hanging off a rib bone and is very very good. My question is, would this just be a single bone prime rib? I've...
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