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  1. allstar898

    This is going to be a difficult one.... need help buying new smoker

    Back story. Bought the best stick burner I could afford at the time (600$ from home depot) it's a leaky bitch that being on a second floor pipe railed patio fluctuates enough for me to be drunk before a pork loin is ready. My q has always turned out great thanks to a lot of recipes from you guys...
  2. allstar898

    Need a little help....

    Yeah so I normally go to my local grocery to get pork loins and I just ask for a pork loin.  Went to a butcher today and a whole loin was super expensive so I asked for a half.  Didn't pay attention and when I got home it has the ribs attached.  How do I butcher this to be able to smoke it?  I...
  3. allstar898

    Yeah messed this one up a bit

    So 13 lb turkey, kept the offset at 300-315, everything I read said it would be at least 3 hours, so I didn't check temp for the first 3 hours just spun it around once.  3 hours and check temp, breast at 198, the only hope I have is that I injected the shit out of it and when I checked the temp...
  4. allstar898

    HELP!!! Turkey for tomorrow starting now.

    Hey guys, my gf told her parents about how great all the food I have been smoking was and somehow this turned into okay well have him do one for us lunch tomorrow.  I have done a bunch of chickens but never a Turkey and I would assume that it needs to brine for at least a day, but I don't have...
  5. allstar898

    Charcoal Basket question

    Could you use a 24 qt strainer as a charcoal basket?  Just thought about it and since I am doing a long smoke tomorrow was considering trying the minion, thoughts?
  6. allstar898

    Boston butt to inject or not inject

    Hey guys, I have done about 5 small 3-4 pound boston butts and have had great sucsess injecting with a butter, apple juice and brown sugar mixture.  I am going to try an 8.5 pounder tomorrow and saw people saying that if you inject on a big one you have to get the temp up really fast just...
  7. allstar898

    Houston Smoking

    Hey guys, had a smoker now for 4 weeks and have done about 10 different smokes with all kinds of different rubs and trying to control the temp of a very leaky grill.  I bought the River Grille from home depot thinking for 500$ it had to be pretty solid but it really isn't.  I am able to maintain...
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