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  1. oldsmokerdude

    Smoked Chicken Empanadas

    Wanted to try something completely different (for me) utilizing some left overs. I found some smoked chicken in the freezer from last fall. I do like Mexican food and was trying to think of something I hadn't done before. Let's see: Nachos (done that), burritos (done that), enchiladas (done...
  2. oldsmokerdude

    SV Help/Advice

    I've been cooking, smoking, and grilling for many years, so I'm not without some experience and such. However, I can't seem to wrap my head around Sous Vide. I've tried it a handful of times with mixed, but mostly mediocre results. Yesterday I had some thick cut (about an inch) pork chops and...
  3. oldsmokerdude

    Margarita Chicken Sous Vide

    I finally pulled the plug and bought a sous vide "cooker" this weekend. I read more reviews than I care to think about, got lots of input from "all you all" here on the forum, and decided on the Anova WiFi model. Was even able to find one available locally. My first attempt was, um, a bit...
  4. oldsmokerdude

    BBQ Brisket Enchiladas

    Digging through the freezer for something to cook for dinner this weekend, when what to my wandering eyes did appear but a 1 pound package of brisket left over from a late summer smoke. Hmm, the possibilities are endless. After pondering what to do with this new found treasure, I decided on a...
  5. oldsmokerdude

    Smoked Mac & Cheese -- Comfort Food

    It's cold and rainy outside. It's my turn to cook dinner but I don't want to be watching over a smoker for hours and hours (okay, maybe I'm a little grumpy) . Time for some comfort food. There are two schools of thought when it comes to home-made Mac and Cheese. Those that like crunchy, cheesy...
  6. oldsmokerdude

    Smoked Hamburgers

    So the challenge: The wife dropped two pounds of frozen ground chuck on the counter a few days ago and said "Do something with this over the weekend." I had a lot of other stuff going on over the weekend and the weather was a little crummy, so something quick was in order. Hmm, how about smoked...
  7. oldsmokerdude

    Maple Chipotle Chicken; It's what's for dinner!

    I had thawed some chicken breasts over the weekend to make Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice soup for the misses who hasn't been feeling well. After making the soup, I found I had a couple breasts left over. Yesterday, I was in the mood for something slightly sweet and spicy. Remembering the...
  8. oldsmokerdude

    Hole for Thermometer Probes

    Just curious, have any of you drilled a hole in the side of you smoker to pass your temperature probes through? Seems this would be easier on the cords than passing them through the door and getting crimped every time you close it. I'm thinking of a half inch or three quarter inch hole with a...
  9. oldsmokerdude

    Bourbon BBQ Sauce

    Bourbon and BBQ, what a great combination! I've had good reviews and success with the following recipe. It does have a noticeable bourbon flavor element to it, so may not be for everyone. You could also substitute any whiskey for a slightly different taste. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...
  10. oldsmokerdude

    Sourdough Asiago Bagels

    INGREDIENTS 400 g hungry sourdough starter (I don't like to use freshly fed starter for this recipe. The hungry starter provides a more pronounced flavor) 2 teaspoons active dry yeast 1 ½ tablespoons granulated sugar 95 g warm water 300 g bread flour 1 ½ teaspoons salt (I use fine grain sea...
  11. oldsmokerdude

    Sourdough Asiago Bagels

    Over the weekend I smoked lots of delicious bacon-wrapped chicken breasts; froze some, used some in various recipes over the past few days, and have just generally enjoyed them. Now it's time to make some sandwiches. But first, we need the perfect foundation.......asiago bagels. Proofed and...
  12. oldsmokerdude

    Fireboard Probe Organizer

    I bought the FireBoard thermometer a few weeks ago and cannot say enough good things about it. I've used it for five cooks so far without issue and the thing is amazing. It is easy to set up and the charting is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone. One of the things I've always been a bit...
  13. oldsmokerdude

    Labor Day Baby Backs

    Wanted to smoke some spare ribs over the holiday weekend, but the wife intervened and I ended up smoking three racks of back ribs. Not my favorite because not a lot of meat there, but these sure did turn out nicely. Dry-brined the ribs for about two hours with about half tsp Kosher salt per...
  14. oldsmokerdude

    Ordered New Fireboard

    Just placed my order for the new Fireboard Extreme BBQ edition with the waterproof case. I'm as giddy as a youngster at Christmas. I ordered it on the basis of reviews here and another forum not to be mentioned. I'll provide updates after my initial impression and first cook. :D:D:D:D:D
  15. oldsmokerdude

    Where do you source your wood

    I just finished reading Aaron Franklin's book and I'm all fired up (pun intended) to get a stick burner and give it a try in my quest for perfect Que. I've read enough to know not to get a cheap big box model so will purchase a known quality build (hopefully used). My question is this; for...
  16. oldsmokerdude

    Carolina Mustard Sauce

    Just wanted to share a recipe for a mustard based sauce that I've perfected recently and have been getting pretty good reviews. For those of you in the south, mid west, and west, try it for something a little different. Tastes great on most any Que. Carolina Mustard Sauce from the Oldsmokerdude...
  17. oldsmokerdude

    Fireboard Probe Organizer

    Getting ready to order the new Fireboard FBX11 with probes and was trying to decide if I should order the probe organizers as well. Currently my thermo probes are tossed into a small container with the base and remote units, but they tend to get jumbled and tangled. Anyone use the probe...
  18. oldsmokerdude

    What went wrong?

    I had my first try at making burnt ends from a couple chuck roasts. I thought to myself, not too hard, I got this. I used Jeff's recipe, marinating in Worcestershire sauce and Jeff's rub (I love that stuff) over night. Heated smoker to 240 with a nice flow of hickory smoke. Put the seasoned and...
  19. oldsmokerdude

    Low and Slow to Fast and Furious?

    Will be cooking a brisket and pork butt this weekend for about 15 people. Traditionally I've gone low and slow, cooking both at about 225 till done (sometimes wrapped, sometimes not, but I digress). I've been reading a lot about cooking both of these items at a higher temp to cut down on the...
  20. oldsmokerdude

    New Air Fryer

    Not sure if this is the forum for this question but it looked like the best match. Moderators, please move to the appropriate location. Thanks. I've posted a couple times about my air fryer and how much I use it (unfortunately, more than my smoker :(. However, it died last night. It's still...
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