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  1. yodelhawk

    It's not Smoked and it"s not BBQ but it"s Dang Good

    Looks great! So jealous. Up here in Montana good crab is hard to come by. Have to rely on the frozen ones. Sounds like you had s blast!
  2. yodelhawk

    My second (ever) smoke

    Very good looking ribs!
  3. yodelhawk

    Can you use too much dry brine?

    Thanks to all for the responses! I did not use any cure. The brine was more than enough to cover the fish. Was just wondering if there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing?" I guess what I'm asking is should I have used just enough to cover the fish or was it ok to incase it like I...
  4. yodelhawk

    Can you use too much dry brine?

    1 cup b sugar 1/2 cup salt Assorted spices
  5. yodelhawk

    Can you use too much dry brine?

  6. yodelhawk

    Can you use too much dry brine?

    Attempting to smoke my first piece of salmon. Found a recipe for a dry brine. Since I only have 2 small pieces I cut the recipe in half. Was still more than enough to cover the fish. So. Can you use too much of that stuff? It said to brine 24 hr. Sound about right? As I said, my first attempt...
  7. yodelhawk

    Almost had a crisis

    Way to improvise, adapt, overcome!!!
  8. yodelhawk

    First smoke in new 130 MES

    Soooo shiny! Big cograts
  9. yodelhawk

    Pit Boss Austin XL Alternative

    Love mine... just sayin
  10. yodelhawk

    New to Smokers

    Welcome. I'm sure you'll have a blast with whatever you decide to get. I was using an offset for a long time, kinda got out of smoking and just recently bought a pit boss because of ease and budget. Advice?... you're going great by looking here. This crew is a wealth of knowledge and will give...
  11. yodelhawk

    So this just happened....

    Oh crap!
  12. yodelhawk

    Butcher paper question

    Thanks for all the responses! Found some pink paper on Amazon. Looked at he the white that I had and itwas is definitely coated. Will not use for smoking.
  13. yodelhawk

    Beef fajitas

    Looks yummy!
  14. yodelhawk

    Butcher paper question

    Sorry... didn't know where to post this so please move if necessary. I'm wanting to try wrapping my next big ole hunk o meat in paper instead of plastic... er foil. What is the difference between pink, brown and white butcher paper? I have a big roll of white left over from many years ago when...
  15. yodelhawk

    Brisket flat with Q-view

  16. yodelhawk

    Greetings from NY

  17. yodelhawk

    First pork shoulder! With photos!

    Looks great! Congrats
  18. yodelhawk

    Hello from Florida

  19. yodelhawk

    Crispy Chicken Wings

    Nope... dried out to the bone!
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