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  1. randyrayd

    Cleaning Cast iron cookware

    I have some baking pans and sheets that I only use on grills and smokes because of the smoke residue on their outsides. I've noticed a lot of you use cast iron cookware in your cookers. I know how to care for the cooking surface of my cast iron stuff, but how do you clean the outside when...
  2. randyrayd

    Maze/tube plus pellet grill

    I didn't want to hijack a thread so I'm asking if anyone has experience using a pellet smoker plus the A-MAZE-N tube or maze? The two times I've tried it with my new Pit Boss 820 have been unsuccessful. The first try I turned the grill on after the tube was ignited for almost ten minutes and...
  3. randyrayd

    Hopper cleanout mod for PitBoss 820FB?

    I just bought the above-mentioned pellet smoker and have to wait to cure and use it until Hurricane Harvey passes so I don't have water-infused pellets melting and drying and stopping up the auger feed system.  It's in my garage with no pellets in the hopper.  That leads to the question of...
  4. randyrayd

    Pit Boss 820 FB question RE: PID controller

    Howdy! I just bought a Pit Boss 820FB Pellet Smoker.   Question:  If the onboard temp controller isn't within 10-20 degress tolerance and I have an Auber PID controller, is it adaptable for the Pit Boss configuration, or would I need to get a PID Controller specifically for the pellet smoker...
  5. randyrayd

    pork and beef ribs 2/2/1 on MES 2.5.

    I finally found some half/way decent beef ribs in the local supermarket and since I already had pork ribs in the basket, smoked both. Since everyone knows the appearance of raw meat, I'm posting finished product Qview only.  Actually I forgot to take prep picks.  Coated with mustard then rub...
  6. randyrayd

    Things to do with a smoked picnic

    I recently smoked a picnic and used it all!  Bones and last trimmings went into a pot of lima beans.  I cut up some and put it in a gravy over rice.  The best dish was using it in a soup similar to Pho, which is a Vietnamese soup, pronounce fu.....as in some peoples favorite four-letter word, Or...
  7. randyrayd

    smoked yard bird

    Since you guys post some delicious looking grub, I'll play along until I run out of unique ideas.  I recently did a chicken on the  new MES and it turned out pretty good.  I'm a big procrastinator and didn't do a brine, but that probably would have made it perfect. I only have the Pitmaster...
  8. randyrayd

    Post smoke equipment clean up question

    I'm not sure what generation MES I have, but it was branded "Cabela's Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite".  I'll post a pic at the end of this post.   The first question pertains to the drain pan and reservoir at the bottom.  There is a tray that fills the bottom of the smoker with a hole which...
  9. randyrayd

    "quick smoked?" salmon

    Due to piss-poor planning, or actually a last-minute scooter ride, I didn't have enough time to brine some salmon that I needed to prepare since it was Friday and I'm a good (right) Catholic.  I didn't have my AMNPS tube yet, so used some Cherry chips.  I put the taters on first, then onions and...
  10. randyrayd

    disappointed first smoke with MES....equipment issues?

    Maiden smoke with 40" MES. I prepped yesterday and for some reason, the temp maxed at 311.  I figured this was maybe due to the unit being empty or maybe some chips had flared, but wasn't too concerned since I was curing it. I bought some beef and pork ribs yesterday (no sense in wasting smoke)...
  11. randyrayd

    Howdy from deep in the heart of Texas!

    Fairly long time griller/smoker, but newbie on the forum.  I just cured my new 40-inch MES. I was very disappointed the the smoke output during the cure and have ordered AMNPS plus chips.  Of course I can't wait and have already bought some pork and beef ribs.  I'll have to smoke them manana so...
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