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  1. martin1950

    Early Morning Pork Butt

    Rubbed up a nice little 8-1/2#er last nite with some Tony's and let it sit in the frig for an all day smoke on Thursday. Well I woke at 0100hrs and thought why not. My Pit Boss 820D is up and running. Set the controller, Grilla Alpha Dual Smoke at 225* on mode 2 and slapped the meat to the grill...
  2. martin1950

    Beer Can Chicken on the Boss

    It's been a while since did any BCC so I thought I go for a triple today. Just waiting for the "Boss" to level out. 2 of the birds are destined for the freezer. And won't ya know it, one of them is drunk already. Only 2&1/2 hrs at 325*, IT 170*, Boss 820D w/a Grilla Alpha Dual Smoke controller...
  3. martin1950

    A long time w/ no smoke

    Seems like it's been forever but had to eat almost all of the leftovers in the freezer. Being empty-nester, big cooks last a long time. Found a nice little 4# chuck and decided why not. Only problem I fell back to sleep in my Lazy Boy this AM and got a late start, like 1100hrs start time. Guess...
  4. martin1950

    The old Maverick died.

    It was one of the 1st. extra thing I bought after buying my PB820D. Worked pretty good with my pit out in the garage, 35 paces from the house. But got tired of the alarm not working. And to make thing even worse the darn barn cats ate the end off one of the probes. I don't need anything fancy...
  5. martin1950

    If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix It !!

    How many time have ya heard that? Seems to be one of my wife's favorite sayings. For about 15 years I've ben doing my cheeses in my CharGriller COS. Thought I'd try it in my PB820D. Took several minutes to work it out, but I think I'm on the right track. It will be a month or so before I know if...
  6. martin1950

    Chili for the smoker

    With the cooler temps setting up in S/W MI. I had a hankering for a bowl of chili but the freezer was empty so thought I'd whip up a quick little pot. Braised off the onions and peppers, lightly browned some 80/20, added 4 cups of flame grilled toms, 4 cups of store bought chili beans and3 pkg's...
  7. martin1950

    Chucky for Dinner

    We've been eating alot of pig n foul out of the freezer lately so I thought I'd change things up just a little. Saw this little 3 1/2# "chucky" sitting all by its self in the case. Being empty nesters it's just the right size. A little SPOG and it's sitting in the frig. 1700hr dinner bell with...
  8. martin1950

    Christmas Thank You.

    Well it's that time of the year were you show service people how much you appreciate their work. Our mail carrier has been doing a great job since she took over the route. Pork tenderloin smoked for 4 hrs. a 180* over apple topped w/ Sweet Baby Rays Honey sauce. Of coarse I did enough to were...
  9. martin1950

    Bambo Cutting Boards

    My wife has never liked my large and heavy Maple board so she bought me a large bamboo board. Looks pretty but when I did a pre-wash I notices all these like fiberous ends sticking out. This will not do, shusssssss. Kinda afraid to fire up the sander or should I just "food oil" it?
  10. martin1950

    Tired of Left Overs

    Finally ran out of turkey day left overs. With several meals of BCC and PP in the freezer we thought about something a little different. Found a 1/2 pork loin hiding in the freezer since August, time to free the pig. Nothing exotic just plain and simple. Rubbed with Tony's and dark brown sugar...
  11. martin1950

    Cheese as Gifts??

    Why Not!! With Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd do something a little different. Who doesn't like cheese? Time to close the top!!
  12. martin1950

    Holy Crap!!

    And it's only the 12th. of November. Yesterday we got 5"s, that's a walk in the park BUT overnite we picked-up another 10 1/4 of new stuff measured on my old Brinkman grill. Sure am glad both of my pits are safe in the garage.
  13. martin1950

    Lest We Forget

    Over the last couple of days I've been reading all the different foods that people are planning on cooking today. With beef, pork and poultry, smoked/grilled with exotic preparations and seasonings and most vegetable rapped in and bacon and drinking fancy beers. With the years starting to build...
  14. martin1950

    It's been awhile since I've used it.

    Neighbor stopped by and ask if I was still willing to smoke about 10# of assorted chesses, yep, just gotta clean my CharGriller first. I haven't done pound-one of cheese on my Hy-Bred pit yet but a couple of hundreds pounds on my off-set so I've got it down pat. Rolled the CG outside for...
  15. martin1950

    Farming season has ended

    Well the harvest season is done for the commercial vegetable farmers here in S/W Mi. The peppers, squash, and eggplants are done, untied, stakes pulled, plants chopped, plastic pulled up and the fields are reploughed. The last of the farm laborers across the street leave today. My neighbor runs...
  16. martin1950

    Pulled the Trigger

    Enough is enough. I love my PB820D but I've finally had it with her erratic behavior. One day she'd work as designed and the next time the temps would be all over the place. I know it's the pits fault because I'm O.C.D. Already replaced the heat sensor, no change. I was just making adjustment to...
  17. martin1950


    We've invited Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head to dinner today. They would like to bring Mr. Chucky with them but I heard he's been a bad, bad boy. So I guess I'll have to come up with some creative way to handle his miss be givens. Shouldn't take much, he's only 2.7# Thinking about spanking him with a...
  18. martin1950

    Pulled Pork Chili

    Finally got around to making my smoked pulled pork chili w/ flame grilled maters and peppers and bacon sautéed onions. In about 8-10hrs from now, at the end of the day will tell when I take it out of may 820D.
  19. martin1950

    One Favor Repaid.

    Usually My wife and I loose a lot of sleep during the summer harvest season BUT this year the field workers across the street have been unusually quiet. So this grumpy ole grandpa has been in a pretty good mood of late so I thought I'd do something nice for the young men. This is about as nice...
  20. martin1950

    Just My Luck

    Just my luck. Spent three days thawing 17# of pork butts in a cooler in the garage for a church chili cook-off. Knowing that everyone else would be using beef, beef/sausage or venison meats in their chili I was thinking of mixing it up just a little. Now my better-half tells me that the Pastor...
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