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  1. Kevin DeShazo

    Chuck flat?

    Looks like another name is chuck flap https://www.certifiedangusbeef.com/cuts/Detail.aspx?ckey=170 https://www.smartkitchen.com/resources/food/meat/beef/chuck-tail-flap
  2. Kevin DeShazo

    First Turkey Breast

    Some good looking bird
  3. Kevin DeShazo

    Hello everyone

    Welcome from SC
  4. Kevin DeShazo

    Newbie 1st butt

    Looks great Bluemile
  5. Kevin DeShazo

    Shrimp and Grit

    Looks good, dig some good shrimp and grits
  6. Kevin DeShazo

    Time Or Internal Temperature ?

    Internal temp is your best bet. All food cooks differently even if they are the same thing.
  7. Kevin DeShazo

    Best pork shoulder rub?

    Welcome aboard sir. I like basic, equal parts salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and half as much chipotle powder. But your request could prob be answered better ifbyou are wanting a sweeter, saltier or spicier rub
  8. Kevin DeShazo

    Good Dessert Recipe?

    Amazing pie https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/15994/chocolate-bourbon-pecan-pie/
  9. Kevin DeShazo

    nontraditional corned beef.

    Good looking corned beef Brad, now get rid of that weird green stuff
  10. Kevin DeShazo

    Quarantine Smokes (Baby Backs, Beef Short Rib, Old Fashioneds)

    Looks great. I got thinking about old fashioneds the other day, had a smoked old fashioned in OKC cpl weeks back, they used a smoke gun to add the smoke to a glass of ice before adding the booze. I know this sounds crazy but the idea I had was kinda like you, smoke the water, but use that...
  11. Kevin DeShazo

    love smoked foods

    Welcome from SC
  12. Kevin DeShazo


    File' powder I bet, aka dried sassafrass
  13. Kevin DeShazo

    I Hate Price Gougers: Insane Prices For Taco Seasoning

    Didnt pay attention to the delivery date. I have seen things long before this all started that was being sold much higher on Amazon that I can buy in some mom and pop shops, esp when it comes to fishing tackle and some guitar equipment. Seen some places on there that are charging full msrp vs...
  14. Kevin DeShazo

    I Hate Price Gougers: Insane Prices For Taco Seasoning

    I just found it on Amazon for 5.99 for 24oz Check this out at Amazon.com McCormick Premium Taco Seasoning Mix, 24 oz
  15. Kevin DeShazo


    Welcome from SC
  16. Kevin DeShazo


    Welcome from SC
  17. Kevin DeShazo


    Welcome from SC
  18. Kevin DeShazo

    Rib redemption!

    Good looking ribs sir
  19. Kevin DeShazo

    Weathering The Storm While Helping Others

    Dude thats an awesome offer from you and your family. I applaud you sir.
  20. Kevin DeShazo

    Charbroil gas grill

    Welcome aboard from SC
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