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  1. Scott Eisenbraun

    Wet Jambalaya?

    I like traditional jambalaya, but I really love what I call a wet jambalaya, which is more of a stew consistency. I also add a can of tomato sauce to the traditional recipe. Instead of putting enough raw rice in the pot to soak up all that delicious broth, I like to add precooked rice to the...
  2. Scott Eisenbraun

    What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

    Since we have members from all over US (and elsewhere) What do you enjoy with your Thanksgiving meal besides the meat, potato, and gravy? We always have the same green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and dressing. I'm looking for a couple new sides to add to the meal.
  3. Scott Eisenbraun

    Wood Fired Lamb Chops

    Wife brought home a nice pack of lamb chops from Sam's Club. Marinated in olive oil, garlic, and fresh rosemary. Fired up the Yoder and grilled off at 500f. Lamb is one of the best grilled meats out there.
  4. Scott Eisenbraun

    Leftover SV Chuck

    Made black bean chili this morning with leftover Sous Vide chuck roast. Hit the spot. Nice change from hamburger chili. Fall apart tender meat with grilled flavor.
  5. Scott Eisenbraun

    Rookie Sous Vide Chuck Roast

    After all the posts about SV cooking, I gave it a try. Took a chuck roast, seasoned SPG and rosemary sprigs. SV'd at 135f for 20hrs. Tried an end last night. Was OK, but still had a slightly tough chew. Vac bagged again and put back in for 10hrs starting this morning. Grilled it off for 2min per...
  6. Scott Eisenbraun

    Sous Vide Chuck

    Got a new toy yesterday. Doing an 18 hr chuck roast Sous Vide. So many of you recommend the method, I had to try. Was frozen when I put it in. Used olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and a couple rosemary sprigs from garden. Will sear off on the Yoder tonight. More pics to follow.
  7. Scott Eisenbraun

    Prime Rib - Low & Slow?

    Cooking a 6.5lb bone in prime rib today for out of state relatives. (My old fishing and hunting partner) I have always done prime rib in the house oven at 325f. I have decided to use my Yoder pellet smoker this time for a different take on this special piece of meat. Used the search bar for...
  8. Scott Eisenbraun

    Pop's Cured Smoked Wings

    Cured some wings in Pop's brine for a day and half. Smoked at 275 for an hour, then cranked up to 400 for a half hour. Made a dipping sauce of deli mustard, honey, butter, and Thai chili sauce. Man, that's some good eating.
  9. Scott Eisenbraun

    Wet or Dry Cure for Dried Beef?

    Been hungry for decent dried beef. The grocery store stuff in the jar is terrible. I found Bearcarver's thread on dried beef. He uses a dry cure, which I don't have any experience with yet. I noticed that someone else had used the recipe, but used Pop's wet cure. Is there any advantage to using...
  10. Scott Eisenbraun

    Ribeye on the Yoder

    Asked the wife to bring home steak for tonight. She bought rib eyes from a small local butcher shop. They source some of their meat from local ranchers. These were raised, finished, aged, and processed locally. Bright red with a lot of fine marbling throughout. I would have preferred a half inch...
  11. Scott Eisenbraun

    Brined & Cured Wings

    For something new, I am going to use Pops Brine with cure #1 for a batch of smoked chicken wings. I plan on low temp smoke at the beginning and then blast at 400 degrees to crisp up skin. What sauce would you guys suggest that will go well with the hammy flavor?
  12. Scott Eisenbraun

    First bone in turkey breast pics

    Thanks for all the tips, advice, and encouragement from members. Glad I joined SMF! The turkey is delicious. Used Pop's light brine, 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 raw sugar, 1.5 tbl cure #1, and pickling spice. Smoked on the third day. ( No it wasn't too long ) Smoked till 165 degrees and chilled...
  13. Scott Eisenbraun

    Juicy Hamburger Pattys

    I know it's just a common burger, seems so easy, but I struggle to make a good juicy burger that is cooked through. I use 80/20 hamburger, but by time the meat is to temp, it is also dried out. I don't trust commercial hamburger to only cook to med rare, and most of my guests wouldn't eat...
  14. Scott Eisenbraun

    Bone in turkey breast

    Have a bone in turkey breast in Pop's brine since yesterday. Am going to smoke day after tomorrow. Should I leave skin on, or off? Will be making lunch meat and using an electric slicer when finished for packaging.
  15. Scott Eisenbraun

    New member from ND

    Have been researching info as a guest until today. Have been smoking and grilling meat and veg year round about 10 years. I have had 5 different smokers during that time. My favorite is the Yoder 640 pellet grill, for most cooks. I also have a Bradley electric when a stronger smoke flavor is...
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