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    Skirt steak fajitas with empanadas (Pic heavy)

    It all looks terrific! Could make a plate of that disappear real easy. And once again, great job of plating. Ryan
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    Sunday Pancakes With Bacon Jam (A Few Pics)

    Awesome looking breakfast Robert! I'll try to get bacon jam towards the top of things to do list. Like you said...been alot of great posts using it. Ryan
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    1st Dried Beef

    Wow, looks great! Especially for your first time. Makes things easy using @Bearcarver s step by steps, I have used them many times. If you are worried about getting tired of sandwiches I'll gladly help ya out with that lol! Or you could make dried beef gravy on toast or mashed potatoes. Or a...
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    Finally got some done! Did 2 lbs of pickles and 2 bundles of asparagus, went a little light on the garlic just because we didn't have enough. Thankfully we only have a 5 day wait and not 6 weeks. Looking forward to trying them! Ryan
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    Ray I don't believe the jars have to be vacuum sealed. I didn't see where @Steve H vacuum sealed them. Unless I'm blind and just didn't see it...and it could happen Ryan
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    Featured Semi dried pepperoni pizza .

    Man both of those pizzas look awesome! No matter which way you slice them. Hopefully @BandCollector will share his recipe with the rest of us. Ryan
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    I felt the same way Ray when I got my first one! Ray
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    Ray I use my phone mostly but at top of screen has a pic of a small bookmark, I just hit that. Not sure on a computer. Hope this helps Ryan
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    Pizza on the Que

    I agree, the crust looks perfect! Could absolutely finish off a couple slices of that. Was that your dogs two slices? He looks like he was willing to help finish them off. Good job Ryan
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    Featured Venison weiners ( pic heavy )

    Dang they look tasty! By the looks your gonna need some good sized buns. I liked the color you got on them. Ryan
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    Man that looks awesome ! All I would need is a big bib and some paper towels wrapped around my elbows! Big like for a big, tasty burger. Ryan
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    What precautions are you taking for Corona Virus

    Not so much just for taking precautions because of the coronavirus, but finally had time to grind up some venison ... we were about out. And a busy day so not many pics to post for a separate post. In total, 96 lbs of deer burger, we are good for awhile. Some will be shared with our kids. Ryan
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    Beef Tenderloin Tails

    Looks awesome jake! Will let you come keep the peace at my house anytime with meals like that! Ryan
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    Breakfast Sausage Hash Cheesy Scramble (W / Pics)

    Looks great Robert! That would be a weekend breakfast for us but could sure make a plate of that disappear Ryan
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    Freedom Day !

    Glad to hear they are on the way home! What they have been through is something I can't imagine. Ryan
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    How to be a good member of the family.

    Very well stated @noboundaries , I got a chuckle out of your first paragraph...I think that should cover all we do here on SMF. Thanks Ryan
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    A couple more. Keep your chins up folks!

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    A couple more. Keep your chins up folks!

    That's hilarious @tardissmoker I love it! Ryan
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    Corned beef brisket

    Dine in it carry out...I'll take two please! Looks awesome, can't beat a plate like that. Ryan
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    Surf and turf

    Looks dang good ! And never had crawfish before but sure would eat a plate of that. Ryan
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