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  1. caveman

    Caveman is a lurkin around here somewhere...............

    You know, I had to move and the place I am in now is so much, much more quieter & safer.  My wife was laid off after seven years of employment in the same year we were going to make our first home purchase.  Go figure.  We had to leave the old neighborhood because the "Riff Raff" was growing in...
  2. caveman

    Been Gone for Awhile.........QVIEW

    But I am still around.  Traveling back & forth from California to Texas & Missouri takes its toll on a person.  But of course, my love of smoke has not diminished.  I had some free time this weekend, so it was off to the Butcher's for a brisk.  This one was 10 lbs @ $3.98 a pound.  (So, does...
  3. caveman

    Just a Test

    Making sure I remember how to do this.
  4. caveman

    Test. Last pics were too, too, too large.

  5. caveman

    Happy 4th SMF

    I haven't posted a lot lately as cavegirl # 3 is out of school, the job has re-organized giving me more work, cavewoman is talking another cavechild & sporatic classes through my job have my butt raw.  Smoking is still my love next to chess & I just wanted to throw some "LOVE" at my SMF...
  6. caveman

    May Throwdown Entry # 6: Smoked Tuscan Sausage Cannelloni, Smoked Beef Braciole, Smoked Focaccia w/C

    Congratulations to everyone who entered.  Meateater, I was blown away by your entry.  I may never look at pizza the same anymore.  I need to explain my pictures.  One or two of them do not have a timestamp on them.  Normally I don't use it but my camera, I believe, is dying on me.  First, I...
  7. caveman

    Deleting Posts

    I searched this forum for "Related Issues" & did not find what I was looking for, unless my eyes are going bad.  How do you delete a post?   I responded to a thread & after I posted, I saw the question had been answered.
  8. caveman

    Just Testing Something

  9. caveman

    As a User......

    As a user of the forum, I have not encountered any other issues with my testing of the Sandbox. I will continue to log in & do things but I don't see any other issues that were not already addressed by the others. Anthony
  10. caveman

    Embedded Video

    I can post a link to a video I made, which reside's on Photobucket. Will Photobucket become a tool from which we can embed video's as well as utube & Vimeo?
  11. caveman


    While creating qview with photos from my computer, after the 4th pic, I was not able to place my cursor behind the next picture to continue. Now, I could add more pictures in front of that last picture with ease. Also, on the preview, the pictures were HUGE. I posted under the "Pork" section...
  12. caveman

    Avatars & Signatures

    I guess my question is: Do we get to use bigger avatars as mine in the sandbox is streched & unrecognizable. Also, I know we will not be able to use pictures in our signatures. Is that the permanent answer? Just thinking from the user / member's point of view.
  13. caveman

    Mother's Day, Daughter's B-Day Picnic Shoulder, QVIEW

    Okay....I get it twice on the same day. My daughter's B-day is May 9th. That always falls on or around Mother's day. So, I have to tend to a Birthday party & play Hubby slave man to Wifey. So much fun. This is a 9 lb. picnic shoulder I picked up from one of my local stores. The details are on...
  14. caveman

    April Sandwich Throwdown Runner up with HEAVY, HEAVY QVIEW

    I would like to thank the Academy for the all of their support during this entire competition. I want to Thank the local supporters, my parents, my wife & most of all....................... Wait. That's right, I came in second. Well, it was a good run. Here is my entry for April's Sandwich...
  15. caveman

    Help With My Signature

    I want to put a weather widget in my Signature. It seems to me that HTML code is not allowed or at least that is what it says at the "Left" bottom of my "User CP" panel. Also, a link to the site hosting the widget won't work as it is using HTML code for the Widget. Other members have one in...
  16. caveman

    Smoking Cheese in a WSM

    We know I have the new 22.5 WSM. I also have a Char Griller with a SFB. My question is, can I smoke cheese in either one of these two smokers?? I am perusing through the threads here & if someone knows where the link is that I need to read, could you show me the way please. Or throw out some...
  17. caveman

    Missed my smoker Ribs & Fattie qview

    Last week, I had to go to D.C. on company business. Got back early Tuesday morning & thought about something smoked. Wifey already had the ribs & fattie fixin's ready to go. Here is one of the two spares she picked up. They were going for $1.99 a lb at the local Albertson's. The second...
  18. caveman

    Lump in your WSM?

    Does anyone use Lump in their WSM? I know the manual says not to but I was wondering if someone else tried it & found no adverse reactions yet.
  19. caveman

    Sig Test

    Signature test.
  20. caveman

    How do you like your qview???

    Curious as to how members here want to see their qview. Let us know how you like it. Come on. Vote now!!
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