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  1. johnsellman

    Master Forge Dead

    I don't get enough gas for a flame? Do I replace the regulator? If so, anybody know where? I bought one today from Lowes but the fitting is too big. Do I replace the brass valve? If so, anybody know where? Do I get both? I've cleaned it out the tubes and the burner. All help appreciated. I've...
  2. johnsellman

    Newbie With A Master Forge Propane Smoker

    I haven't had a problem with mine. Either low temps for jerky or high temps crisping my chickens. I had to play around with the vents and added a cast iron chip box. I've been very happy with mine and have used it a lot.
  3. johnsellman

    New Master Forge, need help getting temps up

    I keep the bottom vents almost closed. With them open I was getting flare ups in the wood box. I did add a cast iron wood box I got from Home Depot and that has stopped the flare ups. But as I said I keep the bottom vents almost closed and the top about halfway closed. My smoker is on a screened...
  4. johnsellman

    New Master Forge, need help getting temps up

    I got one for Christmas and have had no problems with temp. I wish I had a suggestion. Some folks talk about the color of the flame being an issue with the temps. but I have no problem with low or high temps.
  5. johnsellman

    Looking for a gas unit, looking at this Master Forge

    I have on of these. I bought some high temp caulk and sealed up some gaps in the seams. People recommend 3/8 inch rope gasket around the doors. I haven't done that yet. I've cooked ribs, chickens, beef ribs, chuck roasts, chicken wings, jerky and fish. I get temps in the 300s and do the jerky at...
  6. johnsellman

    Master Forge at Lowes

    Suprisingly, I got one for Christmas. Had no Idea my wife was looking at a smoker for me. Guess I'm a luck guy. 
  7. johnsellman

    Materbuilt Products

    The only propane smoker on the Masterbuilt website in the 7-in-1. The one's for sale at Bass Pro are not on the website. Does this mean they are discontinued? I want to buy a smoker and was leaning towards getting one at the nearby Bass Pro. Guess I'll be ordering the 3405BGW from Walmart.
  8. johnsellman

    Master Forge at Lowes

    I was at Lowes in Md looking for the Master Forge Smoker. The only one in stock was the floor model and I was told by a Lowes Employee that they would not be getting anymore and that the model would be replaced by something else but he couldn't tell me what.
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