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  1. greazy

    cajun injector

    Thanks, especially to nozzleman. One more question: How long should it take to reach desired temp? I'm getting food cooked by about the time it reaches the temp I've got set.
  2. greazy

    cajun injector

  3. greazy

    more smoke flavor

    My tastes apparently run counter to the majority opinion of this forum because I want more smoke that most seem to. No problem, food would be pretty boring if everyone wanted the same recipe. I have increased my smoke by filling an empty tuna can w wood chips and placing it ON the burner. A...
  4. greazy

    cajun injector

    St Nick was good to me this year. I've quite a bit os experience w charcoal and w gas, but none w elec. Would appreciate comments re the cajun injector as a species and w elec's in general.
  5. greazy

    question about propane smokers

    I have a Smoke Vault by Camp Chef and have produced some very good stuff w it. No one type of smoker has all the advantages. Propane requires less attention...it is fairly well "set and forget" if you have plenty of LP. I move the bottle to my fish fryer or to my grill when it starts getting...
  6. greazy


    I have had good success with the side burner from an old propane grill. Put it in a vertical propane tank and used ECB grates and pans. Did add a plow disc right over the burner to smoke wood for flavor. Also put the burner from an old chicken brooder that I discovered in a junk shop in an ECB...
  7. greazy

    burning wood in an ECB

    Thanks for bringing this up. I've tried, and failed. Gets too hot. You might be onto something w a wood that burns w less heat than mesquite (my experiments). Hopefully someone has succeeded and will share w us.
  8. greazy

    Starting my UDS

    Good ol' Harbor Freight has affordable ball valves.
  9. greazy

    Converting a Charcoal smoker to Electric

    Attaboy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best I've seen. Congrats. My only regret is that my "crematorium" is not wired for 220. You,sir, have made a real contribution. Don't rest on your laurels; keep thinking about new projects.
  10. greazy

    Converting Charcoal ECB to Propane?

    I've tried and failed to use a turkey/fish fryer burner under an ECB. These are high pressure burners and I couldn't get them to reliably hold a low enough flame for the temps I wanted. A low pressure burner and regulator would doubtless work, but would cost enough that you might as well go...
  11. greazy

    Nut shells with meats still inside

    I have used whole pecans.....never as the only fuel, but a handful or so per smoke works well with both wood or charcoal.
  12. greazy

    Smoke Vault Issue/Question

    I own a Smoke Vault and have learned how to use it after considerable experimentation. 1. I like a heavy smoke flavor so I supplement the wood chip tray with an over-sized tuna or canned chicken can sitting directly on the burner element....find one that fits.....and filled with chip-sized...
  13. greazy

    smoke flavor

    I'm not trying to smoke...just to supplement the flavor. The bars are rounded top and won't support a tuna can or a cast iron box. I tried foil pouches saddle bag fashioned over the bars. The two over low heat burners didn't get hot enough to smoke.......the one over the high heat didnt smoke...
  14. greazy

    ECB mod question

    Well said, ChrispyB! I think the stock ECB does good work. The one mod that I really like is reversing the legs on the cheap model so you can check/add to the firepan.
  15. greazy

    BBQ Grillware Vertical Smoker Questions

    You will find that the cooking temp is better controlled w the vents than w the burner regulator. Use the regulator to get in the neighborhood and then the vents to fine tune. You can't find the "perfect setting" and then leave it untouched because of such variables as wind strength and...
  16. greazy

    smoke flavor

    I've got a new gas grill w "flavor bars" in lieu of the old faithful lava rocks. I can't figure out how to supplement the flavor w wood chips like I could w my old rig.Any suggestions?
  17. greazy

    SUCCESS!!! Brinkmann Vertical is now converted---with pics

    I've experimented w turkey fryers and have had a problem w the turkey fryers being high pressure burners and the smokers/ side burners being low pressure burners. I did not try a needle valve. If you get this to work, please share your adventures w us.
  18. greazy

    SUCCESS!!! Brinkmann Vertical is now converted---with pics

    Well Done! Congrats. Keep that fertile mind a-pumpin'.
  19. greazy

    Brinkmann vertical charcoal smoker to gas conversion

    Wow!!!!!!! Congrats. I have tried similar experiments but couldn't get the high pressure turkeyfryer burner to hold a flame low enough. Did you have any such problems?
  20. greazy

    Rusted out

    Brake drums work also.
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