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  1. walle

    Going to smoke some wings, legs, and thighs, should I brine?

    Hey Chorizo - I definitely recommend Tip's Slaughter House brine.  Been using it for quite a while and it makes a BIG difference. RE: What to use, I use a plain Jane, none scented, white trash bag.  Get the air out and put it in a smaller cooler covered with ice.  If the trash bag bothers ya...
  2. walle

    Smoked Ham with Q-View, inspired by SmokinAl

    Dang, Tee! You knocked that one outta the park!  Good for you tackling a raw ham.  I've "reheated" a bunch in the smoker.  Been playing around with curing ham steaks this summer and may have to just pick me up a ham after seeing this post. Great job
  3. walle

    Roasting green chiles...mini Q-view

    Very nice, D!! Nothing beats a fresh roasted green chile.  Me and Bassman roasted our first picking a couple of weeks ago.  We had enough we didn't worry about weighing them...! First picking - right at nine buckets - here's some of them. Nice peppers this year - these were a good average...
  4. walle

    Venison Bacon

    T - it is more of a summer sausage/salami taste than bacon, bacon.  This is our second batch.  On the first, I think both of us expected the "bacon" taste and were initially a little disappointed.  Once we got it through our skulls that it weren't... we hell, we made a second batch, right!! It...
  5. walle

    Brisket, Butts, and Yard Bird

    Thanks a lot, Eric - it all turned out great. Here's the wrap up post.  I didn't get any chopped pictures of the chicken - got way too busy. Here's the brisket cold sliced this morning - waiting for some top rack reheat action. Yard Bird!! Brined for 12 hours using Tip's Slaughter House...
  6. walle

    Brisket, Butts, and Yard Bird

    A really good guy that works for me is hosting his son's first birthday and baptism bash this weekend and asked me if I would "smoke up some stuff for about a 100 people".. HELL's YEAH! I says... so I took the day off and I'm going with brisket, butt, and some yard bird. Picked up three packers...
  7. walle

    Venison Bacon

    Well, I gotta say - Keith is being a little modest when he losely tosses around the word "elk"... what we used was prime ELK TENDERLOIN...  I've known Keith for some time now, and when he says, "Get that [email protected]#% back outta your truck or I'll shoot.."... I get that [email protected]#$% back outta my truck and WE...
  8. walle

    Cold Smoke Generator

    I was asked by a member to re-post this. I know there are many different designs of these, just thought I would share this simple one. Had a chance to play with the plazma cutter as well! Built this for the neighbor who primarily grills with gas and has two Weber Kettles - he's not really into...
  9. walle

    Buckboard Bacon

    BUMP!!!  Had some more of this, this weekend - DANG is it good!!!
  10. walle

    2011 March Of Dimes Event

    Wheew!! Got the smoker cleaned up and ready, and started in on Tuesday morning on the chickens. Cleaned Sam's Club out with 22 whole chickens and 3 more flats of thighs just in case. Half-Spatched by cutting the backs out for an easier chop.   Chickens out of Slaughter House Brine for...
  11. walle

    2011 March Of Dimes Event

    Thanks everyone!!  Here's and update after I got some sleep! I started the fire at 11:45 pm on Friday and had the butt's in by 12:30am Sat morning. I smoked them at 235* for nine hours and then panned and foiled them until 1:30 when the largest but was at 188*... stay with me here folks... At...
  12. walle

    2011 March Of Dimes Event

    Thanks everyone!  It's one of those hard but fun projects that you can't wait to start... then can't wait for it to be over!! Here we are at the nine hour mark - panned and foiled and waiting for 195* to kill the smoker and let them sit a while. RB - We are going to vacuum seal and freeze...
  13. walle

    2011 March Of Dimes Event

    Hey SMF, this is will be the second year I've helped a local March of Dimes group with a BBQ fund raiser. Last year I smoked 10 butts and 108#'s of chicken thighs. We had a great turn out and support from the community - even a couple of members  (Mr Bassman and Mr Bbally) attended  - so we are...
  14. walle

    Buckboard Bacon

    Yup - you got it, Keith.  Both the pepper and Mad Hunky added by Keith after the cure are both VERY GOOD! Come'on - IT'S ME, BC!!    It turned out very good, and Keith did it all justice with the post and the pictures.... purdy, purdy... and tasty!
  15. walle

    Buckboard Bacon

    Hot Damn, Keith!  You can smoke my bacon anytime!   Wow, that looks like it turned out really good. Here I am outta town, and my Pard has my back - I'm tell'en ya, dat Bassman be some good people!
  16. walle

    New to the forum and meat smoking

    Hey Denny!  Go to have ya. 
  17. walle

    Rainy Day Cafe' Con Leche

    Fricking miserable day here in Western Colorado, so I'm kicking back, still in my jammies and sucking down some con leche's that are so damn good, I couldn't keep them from ya! I've got nothing against a good cup a cowboy coffee, but these are a treat every once in a while. Buddy of mine got me...
  18. walle

    Sticky Buns

    FL, I pretty much shared the process above - only thing missing was the dough recipe which is just a basic white bread recipe I got from my mom which litterally reads: 2 C water 2 T sugar 1 T salt 1 T oil Enough flour to make good dough...! I started using instant yeast, so I will add 2 t...
  19. walle

    Sticky Buns

    Hey thanks, guys!  Appreciate all the comments.
  20. walle

    Dinos and a Brisky

    Thanks again everyone.   Bear,  that would be Cherry Pucker....!
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