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  1. dj mishima

    Buttermilk Adobo Chicken Breast

    I had some leftover pasilla guajillo adobo left in the freezer from when I did a whole bird. However, it was not enough to marinade very much on its own. So, I decided to experiment a bit. Here's 3 breasts and 3 tenders soaked in buttermilk and adobo with a few healthy squirts of Sriracha...
  2. dj mishima

    Slaughterhouse Brined Breasts

    I cooked these up a few weeks ago. I just realized that I forgot to post it up. Chicken breast was on sale. So, it was time to break out the smoker and food saver. These were some massive breasts. I bought 2 packages around 5 lbs each. They both contained 4 breasts. Brined in...
  3. dj mishima

    Salvaging Too Salty Meat?

    Is there any way to save overly salty chicken? I messed up brining some chicken breast and it's too salty to eat. Is there any way to save it? Like putting it in soup to draw some salt out of it?
  4. dj mishima

    Smoked Brined Chicken Breast

    Patted down after 18 hour brine and seasoned with some no salt beef rub I have been using Smoked at around 220F for 3 hours and 20 minutes until 130F IT and finished off on the grill Sliced up I tried brining a 2% solution. 5 lbs chicken plus 850 ml of water filled up my container. I...
  5. dj mishima

    Guajillo Pasilla Adobo Chicken

    I haven't smoked a chicken since the days of yesteryear when I was using El Cheapo Brinkman. So, I was about due to do one again. Marinated overnight in guajillo and pasilla adobo. No rub. Ready to smoke in the mes30 with not quite a full row of pitmaster choice pellets in the amnps...
  6. dj mishima

    First Pork Shoulder

    I've been slow to post this, it was last week's cook... It took me a while to get around to doing pulled pork, as I am more of a beef guy. But, pork butt was on sale for $.99 per pound. I figured I would give it a shot . I decided to to split it like tallbm in this post...
  7. dj mishima

    JJ Finishing Sauce?

    I'm planning to smoke a pork shoulder for the first time tomorrow with the intent to vacuum seal and freeze the leftovers. I also plan to make some of that famous JJ Finishing Sauce to go with it. I've been reading that it is not a good practice to mix the sauce with the pulled pork before it...
  8. dj mishima

    Food Saver Pulled Beef

    I am still new at using my vacuum sealer. I saw an article regarding tips on here. They recommended that you partially freeze softer foods like pulled pork before you seal. Is this a common practice? I have some chuck roasts in the smoker now. So, I'm wondering what y'all do when you seal...
  9. dj mishima

    First Vacuum Sealed Pulled Beef From Chuck

    Chuck roasts were on sale again BOGO free, so I decided to try out my new food saver. I also wanted to try out some new rub that I picked up at Kroger for pretty cheap. Here's the brown mustard/worcestershire slathered and rubbed roast: I used a different rub that I mixed up that contained...
  10. dj mishima

    Chuck Roast Quesadillas

    I forgot to take pictures early on. But, I mostly followed this process to smoke : Https://www.smoking-meat.com/january-19-2017-smoked-chuck-roast I did it with a sweet rub and mustard. But, I put a little bit of worcestershire on before I used spicy brown mustard. Here's the roast after it...
  11. dj mishima

    Thawed Chuck Roast

    I thawed a chuck roast for the first time today. Well, it actually took 3 or 4 days to thaw in the refrigerator. I didn't have a vacuum sealer at the time that I froze it, so I just wrapped it pretty well in plastic wrap and then foil. I noticed that there is a spot of grey on the roast. I...
  12. dj mishima

    Meatloaf Madness

    It's been a long time since I've posted anything. My MES30 died and I only recently started using my replacement MES30. Sadly, I quickly realized that my A-Maze-N pellet smoker doesn't fit in this new MES. So, I've been using some small chunks in it instead so far. I smoked a chuck roast...
  13. dj mishima


    It's been awhile since I've used my smoker.  I've been craving meatloaf, so I decided to smoke one. I pretty much followed the recipe posted here:  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/180753/a-meatloaf-kind-of-saturday-evening I didn't take as many photos as I used to, but you can get the idea...
  14. dj mishima

    Fire Pit Tornado!

    I wasn't sure if this is an appropriate section, but I thought this was pretty cool.
  15. dj mishima

    My First Reverse Sear! Monster Porterhouse in MES30 & AMNPS

    They had porterhouse on sale at the local Kroger, so I picked out the thickest one to try my hand at reverse sear. I just lightly rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with Montreal steak seasoning.  I was a little surprised to find I had bought the spicy version of it.  I like spicy food...
  16. dj mishima

    First Chuck Tender Roast with AMNPS

    I picked up a 3lb Chuck Tender Roast from Wallyworld last night on sale because of Manager's special.  It was a dollar off per pound at about $3/lb. First, I used some Worcestershire and added a basic rub overnight in a plastic bag overnight.  I used the same rub recipe that I use for my...
  17. dj mishima

    Best brisket in my life!

    I feel strange posting this, since I didn't make this myself.  However, during a spur of the moment weekend trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I came across a BBQ competition going on downtown!  What luck!  This was the best $10 I've spent on food in my life!  They had a people's choice...
  18. dj mishima

    More "Branded" Cold Smoked Cheese with MES30 & AMNPS

    Well, after some success the last time it was cold enough to do some cold smoking in MI, I started making some new stencils during the "off-season." Unfortunately, I have had some mixed results thus far.  I've really only had one turn out well.  But anyways, here are the results: This was the...
  19. dj mishima

    Ice placement?

    Well, summer temperatures have arrived in Michigan.  I am planning on doing some more cold smoke branding http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/140888/cold-smoke-branding. For those of you who use frozen 2 liter bottles or ice, where do you usually place it in relation to the smoke generator...
  20. dj mishima

    First Pig Candy

    I finally decided to try out my new q-matz with pig candy. First, I got together the ingredients: Dark Brown Sugar Turbinado Sugar(Sugar in the Raw) Maple Syrup Strawberry Jam with guajillo pepper powder mixed in Candied Jalapenos Rub Bacon that I cut into bite sized pieces I did one...
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