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  1. coz

    UDS cold weather test

    Other than using a little more charcoal she ran well.It never got over 18 degrees today.I thought I would try the UDS for some chicken and stuffed fattty and a meatloaf.I had the valve open and one of the vents open and cooked at 300 for the time it took.I left her run till the fuel burned out...
  2. coz

    Racine or Menominee Falls comps

    Is any on from the site going to these comps.I will be at one or both as a spectator and was wondering if any one else was going?Coz
  3. coz

    Missing threads?

    I havent been here in a while but where do the threads that used to be here go?
  4. coz

    Monkey Boy and Lia

    Did you guys make it here yet?A friend from work and his wife have been given a Fridge conversion and they havent had any experience so I told them to come here.Cheech keep an eye out for them sounds like their setup is a standard hot plate deal.I will try to get over and check it out next...
  5. coz

    Weekend Cooks

    WHats cooking this weekend.A big meat loaf and a Pork loin end roast for us.Whats everyone else doing?
  6. coz

    Started Stumps style today

    I finally started building my stumps style clone today.I had a decent day and got the frame welded up and ground.I will try to post some pics tomorrow if I can find some one to help get the thing off the bench.
  7. coz

    Coz's new gasser started finally

    Well here is the start to the new addition.she will be a double wall insulated with a burner from Afterburner.Inside dimensions are 29.75 widw by 26 deep and 48 tall to where the taper starts.The white tape is where the top of the racks will be.5" spacing on the racks so that I can have some...
  8. coz

    Any one using Stumps type

    Is any one on the site using a stumps type smoker?I have been looking and was wondering if they get as good of burn times as said?Heat as manageable as claimed? Thanks
  9. coz

    Size of brisket?

    As we were dicussing building a small smoker at work we ran into a size argument and I thought I would ask .What is an average length os a brisket.How about a rack of ribs.One of the guys and I are going to try building a couple small charcoal smokers and I wanted to be able to do a brisket or a...
  10. coz


    Still workin on the design for my new smoker and saw these.It would take care of a couple of issues that I was dealing with and thought it was a neat deal.
  11. coz


    Any advice for elk?I was given 2 roasts and intend to smoke them saturday.Plans are to rub and inject any temp suggestion for finished product.
  12. coz

    Here is one for the pro's

    My employer gave us turkeys for Thanksgiving and I am going to cut the bird into halves and smoke it.The problem is that it is prepped in that 6% solution so would I reduce the salt in my brine by 1/2?any educated guesses?
  13. coz

    Stopped this Migration

    I spent some quality time with my GOSM today while I started the layout work for the new smoker.Did 4 chickens 3 Cornish Hens and a fattie for bisquits and gravy breakfast tomorrow.The cornish hens were tonites dinner and the chickens were for the inlaws and 1 of them for the wife and I tomorrow.
  14. coz


    Has any one figured what to use to insulate a homebuilt unit.At the work place we are building some outdoor wood burners for a customer and those just use fiberglas without paper.But I read somewhere that in time the fiberglass breaks down.I am going to start forming metal on saturday wonder if...
  15. coz

    First turkey

    Did my first turkey yesterday,actually did 2 and a couple pheasants and a Italian fatty.Brined the birds 18 hours.The one for us was excellent.The other was cooled and put in a ziploc bag for my wifes co worker.Pics hopefully will turn out good
  16. coz

    Design Input for electric smoker

    I am getting ready to start building myself a multi fuel smoker.I just got my fat little paws on a bunch of sheet metal scrap from work.I am thinking that I would like to be able to use electric, propane or on the rare occasion that I have time to play with it wood.I found a source for the...
  17. coz

    Salmon fit for a Queen

    This was in a magazine a year or two ago and is a favorite at our house. Start with a fillet from a 8# or bigger fish and remove the bones which if you cut them out leaves a nice "V" groove which I extend all the way to the tail as it leaves more room for the crab mix.season the fillet with...
  18. coz

    Devilled eggs

    I dont care for devilled eggs but if you do when my wife makes them for gatherings now she adds smoked fish to the filling.They are always the first gone!
  19. coz

    Smoked Salmon

    My freinds seem to like this recipe the best out of the many I have tried. I prep the fish by taking the fillets and deboning them and cutting them in sizes that would be easy to handle with a LARGE spatula .I like to do them with the skin on. 1 gal.water 1 cup kosher or pickling salt 1cup...
  20. coz

    Cornish Hens

    I tried brining a pair of cornish hens today.Awesome!I took a turkey brine that I found on line and brined the birds for 5 hours and rubbed them with a commercial rub,then threw them in the smoker for 2 hours.My wife is not a very big eater and she has never ate more than 1/2 of a cornish hen...
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