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  1. tukson

    Briskets this week!

    Got about 30 for a BBQ this saturday night.. it has been raining off and on this week so thought would do a 15 pounder today (tues) ... and another large one (thurs) .. this way won't get caught short if it rains friday or satruday... rubbed it with pepper and kosher salt then (something new...
  2. tukson

    RATTLESNAKE (smoked)

    Well, since I can't find a recipe to smoke a rattlesnake.... we will have to improvise... to start with we will soak it in milk for about 4 hours... I've read lemon juice sesame seed etc.. but we have had the best luck with milk to remove some of the musky taste in large catfish, so we will...
  3. tukson

    Two at a Time...

    Got about 25 people to feed tomorrow night at my wife's, boss's home. Found two briskets about 10 lbs each and as an experiment one was very floppy and the other was fairly stiff.. there was 7 in the bin and I tried to pick two as close to the same thickness and fat cap as possible... I've been...
  4. tukson


    I just wanted to show you guys and gals a picture of the second place prize from.. Paul/Beer-B-Q http://www.pkcdirect.com my granddaughter and I won second place in the JULY 4th contest for our Holiday Tarts and were very happy, but not expecting any prize, but Paul sent us a Large Box of...
  5. tukson

    First Brisky on New Smoker!

    Well, minding my own business and just walking by the meat counter and a 11lb pounder just committed suicide by jumping into my cart! What could I do? At least if this is a bust, I will blame erain, he has graciously given me pointers.... LOL! Washed it and patted it dry then checkered the fat...
  6. tukson

    Smokin in the Rain!

    Well, my grandson wanted ribs so rain or shine, grandpa will smok'em .... How is this for a raincoat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the horseshoes are great raincoat weights...LOL.... so far there is not much wind so the rain is falling straight down and not cooling off things so far!
  7. tukson

    Venison Meatloaf!

    Well its time to clean out the freezer for this fall's hunting season... 1 large 10lb bag of very lean ground venison left from my oldest son's last archery kill last winter.. I have never used my smoker to make meatloaf, so here goes...; 10lbs very lean ground venison 4 toasted buns (about 3...
  8. tukson


    Well, the grandson and his partner brought home a young cottontail last night and told me I was going to smoke it for them to eat today! I suppose it needs to be treated like a skinned piece of chicken? We soaked it in a chicken brine all night with salt, garlic, onion and thyme.... this...
  9. tukson

    Details on 10lb Picnic

    Well, I have been playing with my new Father's Day gift for a while now and it is thoroughly blackened and greasy...LOL.. My family is having a Church group over in August and I need a bit more confidence that I can deliver a palatable product.. as noted in my Roll Call.. I have done many...
  10. tukson

    Howdy from the Southwest!

     I would like to introduce myself and compliment you guys on the information you freely give .... I have been reading here for a week now after my son gave me a new smoker (SMOKE CANYON) .. For Fathers Day... Started out in Flagstaff, Ariz about 30years ago after checking a book out from the...
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