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  1. rizer

    issues with pics

    I try to post pics and I cant seem to. I know how to post pics but every time I go to imageshack to shrink a pic it wont re size,why? I use an IMAC. Is there another site I can do this ?
  2. rizer

    Please tell me

    I'm smoking a tri tip right now and I need to know if I have to keep feeding charcoal while its smoking.
  3. rizer

    1st attempt

    It really did come out great ! Then the next day I sliced up the leftovers and through it in a pan with some bbq sauce and made sandwiches. Very gooooood !
  4. rizer

    Sunday Tri-Tip

    Why not? Isn't Tx the bbq capital ?
  5. rizer

    1st attempt

    I just got done with my chucks. At 1st I was having issues and freaking out but WOW ! Damn good tasting steaks !!! I am going to turn this into a hobby and addiction ! Lol I have pics I will post tomorrow.
  6. rizer

    1st attempt

    How do I keep the temp up? I took the meat off and added more coals and it appears too much lighter fluid and alost blew myself up lol
  7. rizer

    1st attempt

    I'm smoking meat ( chuck steaks) for the 1st time and so far I am failing. Temp took a dump so I had to start over with the coals. I think I put too much wood chips cuz I tried a tiny piece and it tasted too smokey. I think I didn't use enough coals. Any advise for future smokings? How much coal...
  8. rizer

    Working on a pastrami, from scratch.....with q-view

    I have 2 questions 1) Do you have to keep fresh ice in it while its marinating ? 2)How long would this mighty fine piece of meat need to smoke?
  9. rizer

    Sunday Tri-Tip

    I don't know what my previous post was all about so just ignore it. What kind of spices did you use on your tri-tip?
  10. rizer

    What'cha all doin? Sunday smoke with QV

    Anyone know how long I need to wait before I flip the chuck steaks in my smoker?
  11. rizer

    What'cha all doin? Sunday smoke with QV

    I'm getn ready to use my smoker for the 1st time and I don't know what I'm doing lol. Mequite chips, water mixed with red wine and some chuck steaks. I'm experimenting now. Wish me luck !
  12. rizer

    How ? What ?

    I just bought a used Brinkmann smoker and don't know haow to use it. It has a bowl on the bottom and 1 in the middle and the rack on top. I don't know what to do with any of it. Advise ?
  13. rizer

    new guy !

    What's up folks? I'm new to this scene. I've been grillin for a few months. Today I paid $20 for a used Brinkmann smoker and don't know haow to use it. It has a bowl on the bottom, 1 in the middle and the rack on top? Any ideas ?? Lol
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