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    Need help learning how to corn beef

    Was happy with the results of curing a green ham. With everyone's help on here it came out better than a store bought ham. Been searching for a recipe for turning a brisket flat into corn beef on SMF with little luck. Not looking to use Morton quick cure but a recipe using #1 cure. Thanks
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    Thanks Daveomak

    We finally finished eating the green ham I cured using Daveomaks help and cure recipe. Taste was excellent but might try 1% salt instead of the2% the recipe calls for. Dad is needing to cut down on his salt intake. Next cure will be a venison round and try doing a hart for the smoker.
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    Need a competition chilli recipe

    Work has a chili cook off every year. The guys where busting my chops for not competing. I make a good chili but use Mccormick seasoning packet doctored up. The event is a ways off but need to start coming up with ideas. I usually use venison steaks and ground meat but for this cook off recipe...
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    First time venison jerky

    Sliced venison between 5/16 and 3/8". Have in seasoning cure mix refrigerated till tomorrow ready to go. Plan is set pellet smoker as cool as will go 180 temp. My question is how do I know when jerky is dried enough? Also what time frame to smoke that thickness meat?
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    Need new meat thermometer.

    I have a Thermo Pop and love it. Read time about 4 seconds and not water proof. $34 Thermapen MK4 looks like a Cadillac but $100. Water proof with 2-3 second read time. Classic thermapen water resistant at $80. This looks to be something new called Thermopro. Different brand than the MK4 but...
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    LEM #8 motor stalls

    Just finished processing a deer and dont know if I am expecting to much out of this grinder. If I drop a chunk of meat longer than 4"or 1/2 froze fat down the feed throat the motor bogs down then stalls tripping breaker. Plates, knife are brand new and good in sharp. I am using the 3 hole plate.
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    Need suggestions for commercial pork rubs.

    Just used the last of my Bone sucking sauce, yard bird and Oakrige rubs. I love trying the different rubs that win grand champion. What do you guys like?
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    How I get more smoke flavor with pellet grills

    I like cutting my own smoking woods but dont always have time to baby sit a smoker. My Memphis pro is a true turn it on and forget but smoke profile is mild. Iv tried many, many,ways but this works every time. If you use foil pack you dont need to worry about flareups. You will need to...
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    Morton Tender Quick ?

    I posted this about curing a venison ham. Turned out excellent but red ring was only about 1/2 way through 3.5lb roast. I followed instructions and left in refrigerator for 6 days. Is there a limit on how deep cure will penetrate? 1) Rub 1 TBS Morton tender quick cure per LB of venison round...
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    What seasoning for pork tenderloin

    Going to smoke two tenderloins with apple smoke too 130 temp then sear,pulling off at 140. What do you like using for seasoning?
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    Pineapple venison ham recipe

    I seen this recipe in a magazine and thought it sounded good. Wanted to run it by you guys first to see if it sounds correct. 1) Rub 1 TBS Morton tender quick cure per LB of venison round roast. 2) Rub brown sugar over roast. 3) Put in zip lock bag and poor 19 oz crushed pineapple. Squeeze out...
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    $4.99 for 20 lb Lumber jack pellets

    Rural King in Waterloo IL has $5 bags with max of 10. Im betting thats at there cost. Check out your local store. There hard to beat on prices even off sale.
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    How to know when snack sticks are done?

    Making jerky logs 1.5" dia by 6" long out of ground venison. This will be kept refrigerated. How do you know when your snack sticks are done.
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    Need seasoning suggestions ground venison log

    Guy I use to work with would make mini 2"X 6" seasoned logs then smoke them. Everyone at work really enjoyed so I thought Id give a try. I have some jerky seasoning but would like to try couple different recipes. Also what internal temp should I finish them at.
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    Smoking wild turkey(good or bad idea)

    Tired of frying breast and soup with rest of bird. Have a Jake I split encase this does not work. The plan is wet brine over night then inject with melted seasoned butter. Then season bird and put on Memphis. Smoke with hickory, cherry at 200 for one hour then kick temp to 325 to crisp skin till...
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    Brisket fat

    Just started smoking briskets last year. Had 20 lb brisket fat and hate to waste so I froze it. Mixed it at 25% with my venison grindings and all I can say is WOW. Best deer burgers Iv ever eaten .
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    Can wild cherry be used for smoking meats

    I have trees at the farm in Missouri that are wild cherry. Not sure if thats the wood everyone sells for smoking or if it is orchard cherry trees.
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    Need tips on making venison breakfast sausage

    Been cooking venison for close to 40 years. IMO venison is one of the most difficult proteins to master but can be done. I have been making breakfast sausage using my ground venison with 25% pork. I have tried LEM and some of Waltons sausage seasoning packets. Most of the seasoning mixes I have...
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    Smoke flavor and intensity?

    Have Memphis pro and love the cooker. Trying to get some more smoke on the meats. Have one of those 3"x 6" cast iron smoke boxes they sell at HD. Put meats on smoker cold setting temps at 220 deg. I take layer of Pignut hickory and line bottom of cast iron box then put layer of six hot charcoal...
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    Are LEM grinders overated

    Bought a #8 that is rated for 7lb/min. They recommend a coarse grind then fine for burger and sausage. You would be lucky to get one 1/2 pound through grinder doing that.The most efficient way iv come up with after many deer is run venison and pork through 3 hole stuffier plate. Then chill and...
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