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  1. Braz

    Grille Cleaning?

    An annoying number of web sites show me an annoying number of ads. This one caught my eye and I had to click on it. I wonder, just how lazy do you have to be to buy this service? https://indybbqgrillcleaning.com/
  2. Braz

    Cold Smoker Comparison

    Here's an interesting cold smoker attachment comparison video. Either of these would be a better alternative to the Masterbuilt version. Personally, I use an AMNPS tray in a mailbox mod but one of these might be a good alternative for some. Should work on a wide variety of smokers.
  3. Braz

    Food Saver Giveaway

    In keeping with a Forum trend I am giving away a Food Saver VAC800 sealer. This was inherited from my mother-in-law and used very little. We have a VacMaster and don't need this one. It comes with the jar sealing hose. We do not have a user booklet for it but it is not hard to figure out how to...
  4. Braz

    Ninja Foodie - Eggs

    I puled the last egg out of the Amish mustard pickled egg jar last week so I needed to hard boil a couple dozen eggs and get them into the brine. I re-use the brine for at least a couple batches of eggs. My usual method of boiling eggs is pretty simple, put eggs in a big pot and cover with...
  5. Braz

    Delayed Labor Day Ribs

    First a confession - I don't like ribs. Or so I maintained for years after having truly bad ones when I first tried them at a restaurant long ago. SWAMBO convinced me to try ribs again and that my first experience was just bad luck. So on the "if you want it done right do it yourself" theory I...
  6. Braz

    25 Cent Grills at Aldi's

  7. Braz

    When can I add Encapsulated Citric Acid

    Making summer sausage. In the past I have mixed the meat and spices, then let it rest refrigerated overnight. Next day I add the ECA right before stuffing and going directly to the smoker. This time due to a timing issue I'd like to mix, add the ECA and stuff then let it rest overnight. Will...
  8. Braz

    My New Smoker Cover

    Two years ago I ordered a Masterbuilt branded cover for my MES 40" smoker from Amazon. After getting it I determined that it was just too cheap and flimsy to keep and I sent it back. Then I bought a cover made by a company called Brightent that was better and big enough to also fit over the M/B...
  9. Braz

    Meijer Ground Beef Sale 6/27 - 6/29/19

    Meijer's (at least the ones in my area) have 80/20 ground beef on a three day sale for $1.79/lb. That is as good a price as I have seen in a while. With the recent meatloaf threads, this might be just the thing to pull your trigger. The six pounds I just grabbed is destined to become summer sausage.
  10. Braz

    Jeff's Smoked Meatloaf

    Picked up a few pounds of ground chuck on sale last week and yesterday decided to turn it into meatloaf. We followed (more or less) Jeff's recipe (found here: https://www.smoking-meat.com/october-6-2016-smoked-meatloaf-comfort-food ). Set the MES to 140F on the PID controller and put the...
  11. Braz

    Amish Mustard Pickled Eggs

    Amish Mustard Pickled Eggs (18 - 24) INGREDIENTS: 18 to 24 hard boiled eggs 1 thinly sliced large sweet onion (or 1½ medium) Mustard Pickling: 6 cups water 1 1/2 cup white vinegar 1 ½ cup sugar 1 ½ tbsp. kosher salt 4 1/2 tbsp. prepared mustard 1 tbsp. brown mustard seed ½ tbsp...
  12. Braz

    Corned Beef Pastrami - Sous Vide

    I have tried several different pastrami recipes and methods but have not been able to get SWMBO's enthusiastic approval till now. She has way more experience in New York delis than I do. After trying this one she told me to go through the file and throw away all the other recipes and keep this...
  13. Braz

    Smoke 'em tshirt

    No affiliation whatsoever. This just popped up on my facetwit feed. Some here might like it. https://coolteetrend.com/smoke-em?pr=AFGJBZV8&fbclid=IwAR1DwYYbeP5rP91FByKxhCsTEZBT0KOa8h82uNtY4SbsoLuSnOhAuh3eb-k&s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT
  14. Braz

    Shout Out to The Sausage Maker

    Just a quick shout out to The Sausage Maker (.com). I received an order from TSM yesterday but they sent the wrong casings. A quick phone call and a few minutes later I got an email that they were sending the correct ones, and I could just keep the wrong ones. Great customer service, and worth a...
  15. Braz

    Top Round - Ideas?

    My local supermarket has Top Round on sale this week at a decent price. I am open to suggestions. I am leaning toward a pastrami or maybe Italian beef for sammies but would love to hear other ideas.
  16. Braz

    Anova Sale

    I just got an email from anovaculinary.com announcing a $30 off holiday sale on their wifi/bt sous vide cooker. Might be a good time to pull the trigger if you've been considering one.
  17. Braz

    Tri Tip Sous Vide Pastrami

    We rarely see Tri Tip around here but a few weeks ago Aldi had pre packaged, seasoned Tri Tips on sale so I picked one up not knowing exactly what to do with it. Meathead's website has a recipe for sous vide brisket pastrami that interested me so I decided to give a variation of it a try using...
  18. Braz

    A song for the likes of us

    I hope linking to youtube is allowed. I first heard this song played during my regular Sunday evening straight razor shave. I had to look it up.
  19. Braz

    A Big Ol' Pile O' Bacon

    A few weeks ago I picked up two skinless bellies from my local custom butcher house, total about 20 pounds at $2.29 a pound. A bargain, I thought. I cut the bellies into smaller pieces of about 4 pounds each then mixed up a cure following Bearcarver's "Extra Smokey" thread and moved to the...
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