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  1. jted


    I have been jonesing ribs for several months. This was the best day of the year. I started with a split snake. Lit them with 6 coals on either side. These were naked ribs. No foil at all except to cover the cookie tray.After 4 1/2 hours at about 250 I brushed parkay and some left over sauce...
  2. jted

    heating element health

    Just a few words and thoughts about heating element health. Recently like in the past few weeks I replaced my 800 watt heating element because it was tripping GFCI receptacles. While troubleshooting the old element the only thing I knew to check was the resistance of the element. It was reading...
  3. jted

    MES 30 element replacement to solve GFCI tripping

    Hi, I like many had the tripping problem. I used most of the short term remedies to use my smoker, including heating the element with everything from my propane torch to 800 watt hair dryers. Starting it on a non gfci receptacle for 20 minutes then switching to a gfci. This one caused the most...
  4. jted

    What does it cost to run your electric smoker

    During a recent conversation with my other half, we discussed how much it cost to run my MES 30 . So I set out to do the math Here it is. Some of the things you need to know before you start are .What size is your heating element? In my case it is 800 watts. Next we need to turn that into...
  5. jted

    Deal of Deals

    NEW! Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30" Electric Smoker with Meat Probe 129.00 with a extra 30.00 mail in rebate. Cabela's Black Friday sale Thru the 29, of Nov. Thats 99.00 Plus Free shipping.
  6. jted


    I am sure I am not the first to ask but what happened to the photos. Will they be back or are we just out of luck? JTED
  7. jted

    MES 30 tripping the GFIC.

    I know this has been debated over and over. On one side folks believe that the element soaks up moisture out of the humid air. The ground fault trips. There solution is to plug it into a non grounded receptacle. In my and others that works if it is not a ground to the box. That can be determined...
  8. jted

    A naked Butt Q view

    Hi, It's been awhile since I posted a Butt view. In fact it's been awhile since I smoked one. Here it is. I picked this one on sale earlier this week.  Dressed up and ready to go. Todd's Oak Getting ready for a long nap At about 17 hours Wrap time  3 hour rest at 100...
  9. jted

    Boston Butt sale-Foodlion

    Hi, I watch the local sales and every once in a while I see something I want to smoke again. After the summer season  my freezer space has opened up. There has been nothing noteworthy lately   but  it's Butt time.                                                                      FOOD LION...
  10. jted


    OK, here it is If you have a Kroger check out Baby backs for under 2.00 Locally they were 1.88 but in the Atlanta area they were 1.99. Look for Boston Butts at under 1.50 per pound. Both great deals if you have a Kroger near by. Good smoking Jted OH by the way these are good till the 11 th..
  11. jted


    OK, here it is If you have a Kroger check out Baby backs for under 2.00 Locally they were 1.88 but in the Atlanta area they were 1.99. Look for Boston Butts at under 1.50 per pound. Both great deals if you have a Kroger near by. Good smoking Jted
  12. jted

    Smokers and extension cords

    You got your new smoker and now you want to do the first break in. This is when you realize the cord is to short.The factory gives you 6 or even 10 feet of cord .You are standing on the porch with the cord end in one hand and you are looking at the receptacle 20 feet away. You look in the...
  13. jted

    Food lion Baby Backs on sale Friday and Saturday 1.99 lb

    In the past I have posted good sale prices on pork at Food Lion.  Like the 1.29  Boston butts. Baby Backs are on sale for 2 day only for 1.99 per lb. Friday and Saturday. I checked a few zip code locations and basically if you have a Food lion near you check on the sale. It's on the first page...
  14. jted

    Aww crap my GFCI tripped

    During the last week many people have had this problem. I suspect they are like me who covers and stores it out side in the elements. I of course don't know that but it is a good bet. Here in Central Virginia we have had a lot of rain. Nearly 3 inches over the average in June 2.7 to be exact and...
  15. jted

    Aron Franklin tests wraped Brisket

    I ran across this video. It is interesting. A comparison test of wrapping brisket. It's worth watching.     Jted
  16. jted

    So your GFCI is tripping. Is it because of your smoker? Lets check it out.

    GFCI's are delicate They do go bad. Mostly in outdoor locations. It is useful to determine if your smoker is tripping it or is  it a  neusant trip in the GFCI it's self. We need to keep in mind what a GFCI does. All it does is constantly monitor the circuit for ground faults. They are when...
  17. jted

    How to check your electric smoker element

    From time folks need to check there smokers element. Here is a easy way and the only way I know. How to check your heating element. Read this before you start any work. How to check your smoker element. This also works on other elements (hot water heaters) There are a couple things you need...
  18. jted

    Heat loss-real life during a smoke BABY BACK RIBS (picture included)

    During a conversation with Bear and Garry we talked about MES heat loss and recovery time. At the time I did not have hard facts. During a Baby Back smoke I wanted to document as best I could the recovery time of a gen 1 MES.This smoker is equipped with a Auber PID controller What this means is...
  19. jted

    More Naked Butts / pictures

    I was reminded of a lunch I owed the guys at the local garage I trade at. They had done some work and did not charge myself and my daughter. The last thing for me was a reducer for my MES 30. When I found Boston Butts for 1.29 I jumped on 2. There are 5 there so they will eat most of the first...
  20. jted

    Pork sale at FOOD LIONS

    For those of you who have a Food Lion near you check out the sale circular Boston Butt's 1.29 and CSR's at 1.49lb. Those are great prices.     Jted
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