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  1. hog warden

    Hand Crank Meat Grinders

    One other thing, for small batches involving no more than a single pork butt, my go to grinder WAS that little #5 clamp on grinder, with 3/8" and 3/16th inch plates. It was simple and effective. But my oldest kid took that one with him when he moved to Japan. So I"m back to using the #12 as my...
  2. hog warden

    Hand Crank Meat Grinders

    Sorry folks. Wasn't aware this thread had been revived.  Super.......for the #22, bolt holes are 5" on center. All sides. For the #12, they are 4" and 3 3/4". Not much new to add since the original post, except I no longer cube meat for the initial pass. I cut pieces into longer strips of 2"...
  3. hog warden

    School Rolls?

    You could make some excellent rolls like that out of sourdough. Same as a loaf of bread. All white, all purpose flour. Use milk instead of water. These tend to be a bit sweet, so a little sugar might not hurt if you don't mind the carbs. Mix it up, let it proof and instead of shaping into a...
  4. hog warden

    My Daily Bread

    This type of traditional sourdough looks and tastes different than what a lot of others are making........ Mine is about 30% to 40% whole wheat and rye flours....plus a few whole grains for texture and crunch, and it has a tough, chewy crust. Get it right and you get a lot of large holes on...
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  7. hog warden

    OK, now what? (sourdough)

    Sounds good and not so good? For a better tutorial than I can give......a couple good sites to review: http://northwestsourdough.com/newsite/stepbystep.html and another site with a lot of good videos on sourdough....... http://www.breadtopia.com/sourdough-no-knead-method/ Note that on both...
  8. hog warden

    OK, now what? (sourdough)

    You have a 60% starter (very firm). Yes, you can take out the 80 grams of surplus, and adjust the rest to account for the extra flour (a few grams more water....a few less flour), or simply go with the basic recipe. If it looks dry and stiff, knead in a bit more water. A real easy and cheap...
  9. hog warden

    OK, now what? (sourdough)

    BTW, if you happen to have a set of kitchen scales that will measure down to grams, that is far and away a better way of measuring the ingredients. Purists get pretty picky in the exact ratio of water to flour by weight. If you scoop flour up with a measuring cup, you pack it, so you get more...
  10. hog warden

    OK, now what? (sourdough)

    There is a simple recipe, but it's predicated on a few things. First is the hydration level of your starter. That is the ratio of flour to water, by weight. 100% hydration means equal weights of water and flour. By measures, that would be about 1/4 cup water and 1/3 cup flour. Roughly, but close...
  11. hog warden

    My Daily Bread

    (Note : my first crack at the new forum. Jury is still out) Anyway, as for that daily bread........a fresh baked loaf of sourdough........ All sliced up and ready to freeze.....it keeps for weeks if not months this way and a fresh slice is handy to grab. One loaf like this will last me a...
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  14. hog warden

    Sourdough Pizza

    A couple types. Normal pizza and so called "Italian" style........ The doughs........ The "babe" repellent.......... The end product........... In addition to the dead fish, the one on the right also has a couple cloves of fresh chopped garlic, along with olive oil, oregano, etc. It...
  15. hog warden

    Flower for Sourdough?

    I thought maybe I was off the deep end..... But after seeing Squirrel's collection.....I'm just a beginner! She has stuff the folks at KA don't even know they have. Until recently, I was using primarily KA products. They are good. But I recently picked up a book on sourdough in which the...
  16. hog warden

    Still trying for sourdough...

    The other way to use an oven is to simply leave the oven light on. That generates more heat than you might suspect. Gotta be careful that someone doesn't turn it on without looking. On the temps, some build a proofing box, which in it's simplest form, can be a styrofoam cooler turned upside...
  17. hog warden

    Bitter Meat

    Along with what others said about the venting....... You smoked pork and chicken. Hickory is one of the stronger smoking woods. Mesquite sometimes is used for smoke and that will do just about anything in. Grilling maybe, smoking no. I don't use hickory for much of anything but beef or some...
  18. hog warden


    To expand on my previous post.....take a look at these. Five days ago, I activated commercial starter. At the same time, to test a theory, I mixed up some white flour and water only. Commercial starter on the left. On the right, a mix of the same white flour and water. Both went nuts...
  19. hog warden


    Josh: Take a look at this thread I put together on starting a starter: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=88451 If you follow along, you can get one going. The breads in the pictures are all from starters I started myself. Whole wheat or rye flours and pineapple juice to start...
  20. hog warden

    Another SourDough ???

    On the sour.......remember that sourdough culture is a combination of two living things. Yeast and bacteria. With "established" heritage type starters.....those that are handed down from generation to generation....the uniques ones like the San Francisco types, the yeast and bacteria form a...
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