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  1. poobah18

    Anyone still around in NE???

    Probably best BBQ in NH. My 2 cents
  2. poobah18

    1st Comp of the season

    Just sign up. The comp we are going to in Maine in Aug has a SCA on sat night. Its adding an extra 150
  3. poobah18

    1st Comp of the season

    We have never vended an event, but the cost per comp is approx 300
  4. poobah18

    1st Comp of the season

    SuWheeQ is headed out this weekend for our first comp of the season. Nor'easter BBQ comp. day 2 in Plymouth MA. All in all we will be doing 5 this year up from 2 last year. Goal is to be overall better and climb out way up. Anyone in the area feel free to say hi, just don't mind if we are...
  5. poobah18

    Hi from NH...

    Welcome from Southern NH
  6. poobah18

    Riverside Blues, Brews &BBQ fest

    So SuWheeQ (my buddy and I) will be heading here this weekend for our second comp. Can't expect the same results as the 1st comp (5th in Brisket) but hope to do better overall. If any New Englanders are going stop by and say hi.
  7. poobah18

    First go at lamb

    First lamb attempt. I though it was a little too smoking but the wife loved it
  8. poobah18

    1st pork belly!

    me too. Nitro are you from Mass?
  9. poobah18

    Only one smoker / grill?

    I got a Weber propane for grillin 22 in Weber kettle for those charcoal days and Good One Heritage "stand alone" for me smoke
  10. poobah18

    Bear Jr's Backyard Project

    Amazing, I am trying to do a simple re seed of grass after getting rid of a bunch of smaller trees and our pool and this is inspiring.
  11. poobah18

    Quick & Easy Whole Packer Brisket

    More and more I find "kiss" is best Keep It Simple Stupid
  12. poobah18


    Send them to NH
  13. poobah18

    1st Comp

    Thanks all. Honestly being first comp we wanted to A-turn in all edible meats on time, and 2- try not to lose any points on presentation. I think we got hit by the bug. Looking for one more later this summer to compete in.
  14. poobah18

    1st Comp

    Sevan maples campground .hancock nh
  15. poobah18

    Pork Shots

    IDK if i missed it but whats the approx time? I am thinking of adding them to the menu for the 4th.
  16. poobah18

    Anyone still around in NE???

    any new englanders still on here? southern NH here
  17. poobah18

    The Good-One - Looking for personal experience...

    I have a Good One heritage stand alone unit. I love it. I can go about 8 hours on full load of coal without temp changing more than 5 or 6 degrees.
  18. poobah18

    Need a little help...

    I just did the Granite state BBQ comp. I have a Good One Heritage and my buddy has a BGE. Humphries were everywhere at the comp including the humphries team. I was impressed with them to the point that my buddy is probably buying one next month. I guess the customer service is top notch and...
  19. poobah18

    1st Comp

    Here are the scores
  20. poobah18

    1st Comp

    Thanks everyone. I will dig out the scores and post a pic
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