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  1. kathrynn

    Got the Mead Started

    Finally got that mead started.  Its happy happy and bubbling on the kitchen counter this morning too.  Bubbles everywhere.  Here are pictures from yesterday. Its clearing in the top part of the glass jug today....and it active.  Hope I am doing this right! Thanks for looking! Kat
  2. kathrynn

    Smoked Chuckies and pot roast

    Yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to try my hand at smoking 2 chuck roasts.  Together the weight was just a bit over 7 pounds.  Cranked up the Smoke vault and prepped the chucks.  I used Lawrey's, Fresh ground pepper and a little bit of Old Bay Seasoning. Here they are waiting to go...
  3. kathrynn

    Apple Cider Glazed Pumpkin Cake and Pumpkin Bread

    Daughter is home for the weekend and we are baking.  This morning we made this!  If you have been on Face Book...you probably have seen this roaming around with the "shares". The "pumpkins are cooling" and haven't tasted it yet...but the recipe is a breeze to make.  About 6 loaves of Pumpkin...
  4. kathrynn

    Apple Butter 2013....it's Fall Yall! (10-7-13)

    I got the first round of Apple Butter going and canned yesterday.  Have more apples and another batch will come this weekend.  AND.....I just might do some canning of some Apple Pie makings. I was able to do 13 half pint jars....and 2 pint jars out of this go round. AND...my favorite!  BOILED...
  5. kathrynn

    Green 'Mater Chow-Chow

    This recipe is from my Mama.....and is the one that never failed to please.  Its great as a relish on peas...veggies....or meats too! Green Tomato Chow-Chow  1 gallon of cabbage 1/2 gallon of green tomatoes 12 onions 6 green bell peppers 6 red bell peppers 3/4 to 1 cup salt Chop veggies...
  6. kathrynn

    Lynchburg on 10-26th

    There are a few of us that are going to meet at the Judges area on the 26th of October for "The Jack" this year. Haven't nailed down a time yet....but it sure would be nice to meet some of yall! May even try and get a group picture! I am getting excited.  I have not been to this event...
  7. kathrynn

    Last of the Cayennes (new pics updated 9/24/13)

    Went out to pull dead vegetation out of the garden this afternoon.  Thought the garden had just about quit producing.  The "skeeters" almost took me away with them.   But...here is the last of the veggies for this season.  95% of this is Cayenne peppers along with a few 'maters and one bell...
  8. kathrynn

    Got to "play" with a Brand new Yoder 640 this weekend.

    I was asked to help out at Oktoberfest at Redstone Arsenal this weekend.  Helped MWR cook for the worker bees during the event. They brought me a brand new Yoder 640 to play with and pecan pellets. We did chicken wings, a huge pork loin, smoked rib eye steaks and then reverse seared them...
  9. kathrynn

    Honey based Mead

    I did do the "search" for a Honey Based Mead just now.  Saw a picture of one....but does anyone have a good...and easy honey based mead recipe that they could share.  I do have several quarts of local fresh honey and want to make some for my Hubby....and of course me too. Kat
  10. kathrynn

    The Best Tribute to 9-11 for me (makes me tear up every time)

    Since the Blowing Smoke is a place we can share things that are non SMF related.  Here is mine for today. No words are even needed for this video.  Just watch and reflect on that Day.  Think of the lives lost, and the folks that gave their all to help too. Kat
  11. kathrynn

    Need some help figuring this out..... pretty please! (more pics....9/4/13)

    Found a Oval Roaster....not a DO....but a Cast Iron Roaster for sale in a shop here.  I do not know what manufacturer this logo comes from.  I don't want to spend $80 on a cast iron piece from China. Any Ideas? I have talked with the folks from Lodge...and they said it's not Lodge...
  12. kathrynn

    Mr. T

    Tom has asked me to post for him.....Just a FYI for the members! Mr. T has had some minor surgery and will comment and respond to your questions as soon as possible!  He is doing fine....just needs a little bit more rest.  Kat
  13. kathrynn

    Have tons of cayenne peppers (update 9-23-13)

    Question tho?  I have a ton of these and the plants have fallen over from the weight of the peppers, so I had to pick them today or loose them all. Most are green and I was leaving them to turn red on the plants.  Didn't happen.  Now....how do I dehydrate them?  I searched here and saw several...
  14. kathrynn

    Picante' Sauce that "aint from NYC"! (just a take on the commercial)

    With the veggie basket that my daughter won....there were 3 huge 'maters and they were soft.  Plus we had some in the garden that needed to be used quickly.  I decided to make some Picante sauce....similar to my Blue Ribbon Salsa....but cooked and canned.  Here is the out come! This is...
  15. kathrynn

    Lynchburg, TN 10-26-2013

    I am planning to go for the day to the Jack in Lynchburg.  Anyone wanna hang with us that day? Kat
  16. kathrynn

    The Jack 10-26-2013.....Lynchburg TN

    Anyone planning on going to the Jack this year?  We are going to go and walk around and have fun that Saturday.  Anyone want to tag along with us? Kat
  17. kathrynn

    "Dibs on your canning stuff....Mom" is what I heard last nite.

    Jennifer won a box of fruits and veggies from Grow Alabama and it came to the house yesterday. Here is the bounty of the box spread out in my tiny kitchen. Some of the stuff was gifted to one of our neighbors...they like eggplant...we don't. The grapes went with her to work today and the...
  18. kathrynn

    Kosher and Plain Dill Pickles with the Daughter

    Made 10 jars of Pickles last nite.  Have more cukes coming and I will be doing an "old" school pickle then. Here is part of what we did.  The other pics are not loading from my cell....but will share them later. Taught Fredlet (Jennifer) how to pack jars Here are the 4 Kosher jars...
  19. kathrynn

    Artichoke Spinach Pasta Bake

    Made this last nite...per my Daughter's request. (When Lynn is gone for TDY...we fix things he hates )  It tastes almost like the Artichoke Spinach dip and it is really easy too. This is the latest maters from the garden yesterday.  Just wanted to share these. 14 oz of Orecchiette Pasta (...
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