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  1. wade

    British Smoker

    Welcome from the Kent in the UK. Sorry we have lost a keen smoker but It is great the the USA have gained another :emoji_ok_hand:
  2. wade

    A late night knock at the door!

    The second exhaust port in the photo is from the extractor fan that sits above my FEC-120 which is also in the smokery. Yes, The AMNPS will provide ample smoke for the cabinet that size. I actually use a small fan on the top vent port to ensure that the air and smoke keep flowing through the...
  3. wade

    Smoker newbie in UK

    Hi Simon and welcome to the forum. There are a few of us from the UK who chat here. The Weber kettle is a versatile smoker to begin with and the WSM is a good choice (as is the ProQ) to move on to. You may be interested in a BBQ smoking weekend that we hold each year (this will be our 6th year)...
  4. wade

    Hello from UK

    Where end doors are fitted they are usually pretty much the whole size of the firebox end, with enough surrounding to retain structure and provide hinges and a catch. They make adding more fuel easier without losing as much heat from an open lid and they do allow you to increase the ventilation...
  5. wade

    Hello from UK

    Hi Laurence and welcome to the forum. There are a few of us from the UK who chat here - which part are you from? The rebuild looks great so far and you have done most of the usual mods. One question about the fire basket - does it have feet that keep the bottom mesh clear of the base of the...
  6. wade

    Big wave from England

    The Minion method is good however to make the Minion most effective in an offset smoker it is good to use a separate fire basket into the firebox to contain the coals. These should be raised up off the bottom of the fire box to allow the ash to drop underneath. Here are some examples of varying...
  7. wade

    Big wave from England

    Hi Ali and welcome to the forum. There are a few of us here from the UK and there is a whole lot of experience to hand from our US colleagues too. Where in the UK are you? I am in Kent. TBS is something that most people strive for but most fail to achieve. Thin Blue Smoke is best achieved by...
  8. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    What is the temperature inside your fridge?
  9. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    Ditto :-)
  10. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    If this is a case of Nepas just showing off his masterly prowess (which I don't think it is) then that is great and showing that he is a "old master" is wonderful. However if he is showing how to make this delicious charcuterie with the aim of helping us recreate something similar, then masterly...
  11. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    It is great that you can tell - however it is a shame for the rest of us. The beef looks great so far, but without your experience to rely on it will make it difficult for anyone else to try to reproduce what you are doing. Would it be possible to weigh it now and then, when you judge it is...
  12. wade

    coconut shell charcoal briquettes

    Like all types of briquettes it depends on the brand. Some are nicely compacted and burn like other top quality charcoal briquettes but others are cheap burn very quickly with quite an unpleasant initial smell - and are a waste of time. We have a brand here in the UK (I think they are made in...
  13. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    How long are you expecting it to take to lose the 30%
  14. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    It looks good
  15. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    Last year I performed a trial where I left several Bresaola to cure in the fridge in the Umai bags and several to air dry in the bags at ~18 C (64 F), also in the Umai bags. I weighed each of the meats every 7 days to determine when it has lost its required 30% in weight. The air dry bags lost...
  16. wade

    Back bacon Help

    I use a similar method to Disco to produce my bacon that I sell commercially. The reason I prefer to dry cure rather than immersion cure is that you are not increasing the moisture content of the meat when you dry cure (with immersion curing the weight of the meat will increase by approximately...
  17. wade

    UMAi Bresaola

    I have recently tried out a couple of methods of making Bresaola with these bags and it worked very well. Are you planning on trying to air dry it in the fridge (which did not work well for me) or at cool room temperature?
  18. wade

    Bacon made the easy way...

    The length of time that you smoke is really down to personal taste. I find that 12-18 hours is more than sufficient. After smoking leave it wrapped/vac packed for several days in the fridge to allow the smoke flavours to penetrate the meat. If the bacon is immersion cured then it needs to be...
  19. wade

    Cure #1 with turkey brine?

    Cure#1 will also give it a slight bacony flavour. Not unpleasant but just be ready for that
  20. wade

    The Cure for what ails me!

    This method works really well - I use it for my Christmas gammons each year. When you inject however you will inevitably find that some leaks or squirts out of the meat. Make sure that you inject in a pan and capture any that comes out of the meat. Pour this back inside the bag with the meat...
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