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  1. mike

    Buckboard vs Morton dry cure

    Arch, The two cures do the same thing the difference is in the seasonings. I have used buckboard for the last 10 or 12 bacons. I ran out of buckboard cure and decided to pick up some mortons smoke cure at the local grocery and give it a try. I cured two bacons and they turned out good but for my...
  2. mike

    OK, here's the BEAR facts.

    Cheech, Watch out man, it's a trap! Don't fall for it! My wife tries to convince me that I'm going overboard too. After 3 grills, 2 smokers, a turkey fryer, and a garage wall hanging full of cast iron skillets, she see's me looking at another smoker and starts the ole' don't you think you have...
  3. mike

    This is my last Post. . .

    Dutch, Good luck with the move, give us a shout when you get things back in order. Just remember to keep your priorities striaght. Get in the new house, set up the puter and get the smoke rolling again. Or maybe it's get the smoke rolling WHILE you get into the new home and set the puter up. Mike
  4. mike

    new member

    Welcome Smokey, I'm sure you'll find all the help you'll need here. Mike
  5. mike

    Where to get lump charcoal?

    Bj, I don't know if you have a Lowe's home center or a Home Depot near you but they do sell lump Charcoal. If I remember the last time I bought some it was around $10.00 for 20lb. Mike
  6. mike

    newbee here

    Hi Robert, Welcome aboard the best forum on the net. You'll find great folks with tons of experience that are more than willing to help. Just don't be afraid to ask. Mike
  7. mike


    Happy B-Day Monty, Best of wishes to ya!! Mike
  8. mike

    Ready to learn

    Brozach, Welocme to the best place in town. If you can find what you need here it's not to be found anywhere. Mike
  9. mike

    New member

    Hey Dave, Welcome to the forum. These folks here will have you smoking great grub in no time. Mike
  10. mike

    Present for roll call

    Bokdong81, Welcome to the forum. You'll have to post a couple of pictures of the brisket. Mike
  11. mike

    Hi, I'm Heidi

    Hey Heidi, I just want to throw my hat into the ring and say welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll find things to your liking around here. Mike
  12. mike

    Ribs and Shrimp

    Earl, Congrats on the new home and especially the BIG screen tv. The menu sounds very good. I can recommend the shrimp they were good. Although I did over cook mine a tad. Actually the real reason that I over cooked them is I waited until the ribs were about done to put them in the smoker. Well...
  13. mike

    Congratulations, Dutch!

    Congratulations on you're well deserved promotion!! Mike
  14. mike

    New kid on the block

    Hey Steve, Welcome to the forum. Don't be afraid to ask. These folks are more than willing to help. Mike
  15. mike

    Ribs and Shrimp

    crazyhorse, Thanks for that info.....looks like I really over did it. 20 minutes sounds a lot more like it. Mike
  16. mike

    My new smoker

    Congrats on your new smoker. i'm sure you made a smart choice. I will be very surprised if you don't like it. Have fun. Mike
  17. mike

    Newbie pork puller

    Shay2K, Welcome to the forum. I think this may be what you are after. I've never tried them but they look like they should work. click on the link below. Mike http://www.bbq-tools.com/store/morei...?Product_ID=51
  18. mike

    Ribs and Shrimp

    crazyhorse, The shrimp did turn out very good but I'm going to have to adjust the cooking time, they were just a little overdone. My wife and I will do the shrimp again. I'm gonna try the pulled chicken, I love chicken sandwhiches. Mike
  19. mike

    how to?

    Welcome to the forum. You've found the best place on the net to learn to smoke. You'll have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Mike
  20. mike

    New Member in Houston

    Hey Mike, Welcome to the forum. Jeff is right, the bug will bite and you will be looking for bigger and better. Mike
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