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  1. pigcicles

    Brisket & Ground Beef Chili

    For the last cook of the year I combined my last smoke with the last stove cook of the year. My original plan was to use the ginormous 30 Qt pot but there just wasn't enough to make it worth using it just yet. So I used a large oval pot and simmered up some chili for the year's last meal...
  2. pigcicles


    This is a copy of a post from another forum. With Jeff's permission I am posting a copy here in hopes to get the news out to as many people and places as possible. This is concerning the property of SmokyOkie (Tim). If anyone has information concerning this theft please PM myself or the admin to...
  3. pigcicles

    Anyone Have a pot this size?

    Among all the neat things I got this year I got this 30 qt pot. I'm not exactly sure what I will be cooking in it yet, but there will be plenty of it.
  4. pigcicles

    Forum Sponsored Events

    Is there anyone putting together any kind of forum sponsored events, cooks, or activities? It's a shame that this is slipping by. It's the time of year when new people are joining in droves and it would be super to see activities that would help them and the old timers get more excited about the...
  5. pigcicles

    Cowboy Cake

    This is not my recipe but was given to me from a gentleman I met at the lake this weekend while having a gathering. A very moist and tastey cake. No eggs or milk and mixed in the pan you cook it in so there is less mess. Enjoy 2 1/2 cups flour 1/2 cup cocoa 1/2 tsp salt 2 Tblsp vinegar 2 cups...
  6. pigcicles

    Site Problems (redirects)

    I have been notified a by a few members that the site is redirecting or not allowing users on. I emailed Jeff about it at two seperate places. He should get it fixed pretty soon. If you know of someone having problems have them keep trying. PC
  7. pigcicles

    2008 Gathering Complete

    Well since I forgot my camera the gathering pics seem to be rolling in slow so I'll try to give you a "statement" of what happened and just have to live with Bubba giving me the "Without pictures this thread is useless" statement... Friday afternoon I arrived about 1:30ish. Peculiarmike and his...
  8. pigcicles

    Stepping Down

    This is a general announcement for the entire forum. I recently submitted my letter of resignation for the moderator position to Jeff, which he has accepted. My reasons for stepping down were discussed with him before this became official today. I am NOT leaving SMF, just stepping out of the...
  9. pigcicles

    Happy Anniversary TulsaJeff & Abigail

    I would like to take a moment to wish TulsaJeff and his beautiful bride Abigail a happy anniversary. They've been married XX years and still in love! Congratulations to you both. Especially Abigail for putting up with the "boss" for so long! PC
  10. pigcicles

    Pigs Pig Barrel is Born

    I have been working on a couple of drum smokers, one of which I call the Pig Barrel. I thought I'd share the slideshow of it through the process. Once the barrel was done I took it to the Sis-in Law to paint some graphics on it. They didn't turn out quite what I had imagined. But the barrel is...
  11. pigcicles

    The Power of Wind

    Please keep in mind the victims of last nights storms and tornados. According to local news there are at least 14 dead and an unknown number missing. Although this didn't directly affect my family, it does affect many in the area. The tornados demolished Picher OK and worked their way north...
  12. pigcicles

    Happy Birthday's

    I didn't see any thread about today's birthday's. So better late than never.. Happy Birthday to: Squeezy and leorousseau. Hope your day was the best!
  13. pigcicles

    Pigs Weekend for Smokin'

    Since this is a muti meat smoke I'm just gonna post it in the General Discussion area. I decided it's been long enough since I had a good smoke. So this weekend I decided I'm just gonna do it. I've been waiting on the Pig Drum to get finished at the Sis in Laws (customized art), but it wasn't...
  14. pigcicles

    A Christmas Story

    Now that we are officially into the Season I thought I'd post a link to A Christmas Story in 30 seconds... for those who can't stand to sit through the original. http://www.angryalien.com/aa/xmas_storybuns.asp From the www.angryalien.com website. Just for fun check out the other shorts too...
  15. pigcicles

    Brisket & Butt with bonus

    I decided that since my screwed up schedule has me off the next two nights and I'm coming off the night shift I might as well smoke something. Well a few somethings. The weather is cooled down and it's gonna be a great night to sit and reflect. I've got an 11 lb packer brisket, 6.5 lbs of pork...
  16. pigcicles

    Quick Jump Off Topic

    Here is a link to a CNN mini that speaks of a young girl with an enormous amount of talent. Regardless of her topics, she has a genuine gift... http://tinyurl.com/yxewot
  17. pigcicles

    Winners Announced

    The winners have been announced in the See the World ... Smell the Smoke contest in post #220. Please take a few moments to review the announcement and congratulate the winners. Keep Smokin
  18. pigcicles

    Just For Fun While We Wait

    I'm sitting here tired and thinking about goofy stuff then I drifted off to some of the mistakes that I've made while smoking / grilling and had a chuckle. So I says to my tired self... I wonder what everyone else has done (that they will admit to) to screw up a dish or an entire meal. So...
  19. pigcicles

    Breaking In SmokyOkie's Super Smoker

    This weekend several of us converged on the SmokyOkie casa and ranch. The purpose of this gathering of great minds was to break in and Christen Okie's new smoker. There was more food flowing through that smoker than twice as many people would have eaten. I'll post a couple pictures here, but...
  20. pigcicles

    See the World ... Smell the Smoke

    Win a prize for showing off your best smoke of the summer. It doesn't matter what meat you smoked or where it happened. The crazier the better. Show us your best shots and maybe you'll win. SMF proudly presents.... See the world … Smell the Smoke Purpose of this event is to get all SMF...
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