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  1. stircrazy

    what is that wonderfull smell

    Ok so I just got back from a week in San Diego and Anaheim.  one thing I noticed is the restaurants and such that are smoking stuff (or just grilling on a wood fire smell absolutely awesome.  anyone know what they are using for wood, I have never smelt that before. I smelt that smell in sea...
  2. stircrazy

    help with pork chops

    Ok so last night I did pork chops in the smoker.  I used my rib rub on them and then put them in for 3 hours at 200.  as expected they were good, but a little dry for my liking.  I have hear people talking about brining, is there a simple home made brine I can use to keep them moist? Steve
  3. stircrazy

    first time smoking fish

    Well, I saw some steelhead trout at costco for a good price so I thought I would get some and try smoking it. first pic, the fish was in the brine for 24 hours, rinsed, dryed and put on the smoker. and seven hours later at 150 degrees here are the results. from the sounds of it I will be...
  4. stircrazy

    from new smoker to first smoke

    well due to the amount of time it is taking me to build my fridge conversion I saw the masterbuild with the window was on sale so I ordered me one. 89.99 on sale, normal price 300.00 up here.  don't know if it is the 30 or the 42 but for 89 bucks who cares ;) any sugestions or recomendations...
  5. stircrazy

    Smoke generator

    Ok, so I have ordered the control ststem for heating my upright freezer build, and I have now turned my focus to the smoke generator. I am wondering what people have done.  I don't want to put a chip tray on the hating element, so I was thinking of building something like a smoke daddy, or...
  6. stircrazy


    anyone on here doing the northwest USA/westren Canada BBQ circut?  I saw the MadCow BBQ truck and trailer flying down the road in Kamloops a couple days ago.. can only assume they were comming from Lynden, or heading to Calgary, or both. Quite the neat looking trailer. Steve
  7. stircrazy

    this might be a stupid question, but....

    Please bear with me as I have never had pulled pork and I have only seen it on here and on Pitmasters. so why exactly is it pulled?  and is the only way it is eaten on buns? I am thinking of trying one pretty soon, so I just was looking for info on why and how it is served. thanks Steve
  8. stircrazy

    size of heating element

    Ok, so I am starting to get parts togeather to start my freeze build, but how do you figure out what size of an element you need? I picked up a 1000 watt hot plate for 15 bucks so I am hoping this is going to be good enough for a 13 cuft upright freezer. anyone tried 1000 watts on something...
  9. stircrazy

    Is it just me, and is it wrong

    to star smiling when the wife wakes you up telling you the upright freezer died during the night now for the serious questions, it has a enamaled metal inside and outside, except for the trim towards the front and the inside of the door, so I just need to replace the plastic right? also has...
  10. stircrazy

    viewing new posts

    Ok, so I am finaly getting used to the new board.. but I have one issue that could be kind of a big one. Normaly when I come to the board I hit view new posts, and some days I get 20 and some days I get 300 (depending on when the last time I read everything was.. with the new board you get 10...
  11. stircrazy

    Differance between side and back ribs

    Ok I did BB ribs and they were out of this world using the 2,2,1 method. I did side ribs last weekend and they were good, but didn't hold a torch to the BBs. I used the 3,2,1 for the side, and I felt they turnd out not as tender as the BBs with a lot more tug to them. what is the difference...
  12. stircrazy

    2nd smoke

    Well got a request to smoke some more ribs so I finnished the new charcoal basket on my ECB and did the prep work yesterday. I decided to do some other stuff with the ribs. time to start the fatty. the weave some basil the rest of the filling all wrapped up ready for the fridge...
  13. stircrazy

    smoker size

    Ok so I have been looking at electric smokers for the last month and have a question.. why are they all so small? I have not found one that can hold a full rib rack on a shelf little lone two. I have decided to build my own and was wondering if there is any important design conciderations to...
  14. stircrazy

    has anyone used an element

    from a hot water heater to power there smoker? I ask as there is a 1500watt 120V hot water heater element but I am not sure how they would do in air as aposed to water. Steve
  15. stircrazy

    insulated smokers.

    For thoes of you that have insulated smokers, I have a question or two. I know that the insulation will let you smoke in colder temps, but how does it work when it is hot out? ie. can you do sausage when it is 100 degrees out. or will it not be able to get the smoke going? the second...
  16. stircrazy

    centro smokers

    Hi, I noticed Canuck rubber has centro smokers (MES) on sale and I was wondering how many ribs you can cook on these? I have a ecb gourmet right now and I can get about 1.5 racks per grill two if they overlap a bit, can I fit more on the centro? thanks Steve
  17. stircrazy

    Design questions

    Ok, so I have decided to start getting stuff togeather for my build now that I have my new welder. I have a few questions though. I need to be bigger than my ECB but I don't want to be so big I am going to have problems so I was thinking a cylinder about 5' long but for the diamiter of the...
  18. stircrazy

    Boston but real name?

    Ok, so I am asuming the name boston but is a reagional name or nick name, can some one tell me what the real meat cut name is as I have never even heard of a boston but till I started comming here. thanks Steve
  19. stircrazy

    duel fuel reverse flow

    Has anyone made a reverse flow which can run propane/natural gas, or wood? and if so did you do anything special in the fire box? I was thinking that once and a while (or for all night smokes) it would be nice to be able to plug into my natural gas outlet and let her go. but I do like using...
  20. stircrazy

    First Smoke on the ECB, BB ribs

    well today is the day. after spending all morning tileing the backsplash in the kitchen I got my smoker going, got the ribs ready and threw them on. I was a little late getting them going as the smoker took an hour to get up to 225, so they have been apple juiced and foiled and are 30 min into...
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