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  1. y2kpitt

    Fishing for a good trout recipe

    All, This Saturday is opening fishing day and since most of my friends bring their kids over to go fishing and then leave the trout means I'm going to end up with more trout than I know what to do with. I've never smoked trout, normally I just gut them and stuff them with onions, butter and...
  2. y2kpitt

    Easter Eggs

    Happy Easter from Mrs. 2k. While I was out tending the smoker the little lady was in side making a little easter surprise. Had I know I would have smoked the egges first but they were tasty all the same. Basic devil eggs with a the strip of celery for the handle. She told me if I was...
  3. y2kpitt

    new guy

    Jim, Welcome abaord it is always nice to see another northwestern. Seeing as you are who you are, I was wondering if you happen to know of any good cook offs in Washington this summer?
  4. y2kpitt

    Nice to be here

    OAR, First let me say hat's off to your son. As someone who enjoys his freedoms, I just like to say thanks to those that provide it to me. Secondly, what is this about bacon fat tatters???? I have a feelin' this is something I've just got to try.
  5. y2kpitt

    The greatest Corn Bread you ever have in less than an hour

    Dutch, As luck would have it I just happen to have about two cups of corn bread after the chilli was gone, so as I morned the distruction of my Pesto bread I was atleast able to enjoy some Corn Bread Pudding, only delta was I used cinnamon instead of brown sugar. Once summer comes I think a...
  6. y2kpitt

    new smoker to smoke world

    gohstdog, Now that's a smoker. I just showed it to my wife and she quickly responded with a "Don't even think about it" look....you sir are a lucky man :)
  7. y2kpitt

    Collapse of the bread empire

    Thanks for the great input, after further review Mrs. 2K has decided that it was the garlic since the other ingredients are basically the same as several other breads I have made. If I've learned nothing I've learned the wife is right until proven wrong, and even then she is still right, So...
  8. y2kpitt

    Collapse of the bread empire

    All, I am having a problem with my bread collapsing on me the most recent was last night. Everything looked great until there was about 30 minutes left to cook and then the top collapse down and when I cut into the bread it was crumbly, not really dry just not sticking together, I donâ€8482t...
  9. y2kpitt

    New Smoker From Texas

    Bobby, Nice to meet another quitter, I quit last July. The good news is that quitting smoking frees up some money for buying more meat for the BBQ :)
  10. y2kpitt

    Vertical vs horzontal

    In regards to the SnP...I say go for it, it is a great smoker and the mods that are needed are easy to do even without any real skills, here is a thread that highlights the baffling and exhuast mods I made. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=520 The lump vs. briquettes debate...
  11. y2kpitt

    The greatest Corn Bread you ever have in less than an hour

    Dutch, Can you share your corn bread pudding recipe, is it the same as regular bread puddping? I've got a camp out planned in a couple of weeks I would like to spring a little morning surprise on my fellow campers.
  12. y2kpitt

    The greatest Corn Bread you ever have in less than an hour

    Da, oh yeah I also have the BHG, my wife also got me the 'Healthy' version for christmas, which actually is quite good as well. They have become two of the most used and, if you saw them you would agree, abused cook books on my shelf, I'll have to take another gander at the bread section. I...
  13. y2kpitt

    The greatest Corn Bread you ever have in less than an hour

    All, I was making some white chili with some left over smoked chicken we had when I found this old recipe for corn bread. This is a recipe for the 'quick bake' cycle for the Toastmaster Breadbox bread maker, and no joke I went from just ingredients to a hot loaf of corn bread in less than an...
  14. y2kpitt

    Rewards from the smoking Gods

    Da, Hopefully they didn't they catch you with the banana peel :).
  15. y2kpitt

    pork and chicken

    Dutch, The more I find out the more I realize I don't know. At those higher temps with shorter times do you still get a good smokey flavor? Is there any benefit to cooking a pork loin slower/lowwer and using say an apple sauce based mop to keep it from drying out? The reason I am asking these...
  16. y2kpitt

    pork and chicken

    Scott, you bring up an interesting point about the temps. Are you saying that a higher temp range that you mention is a better solution for cooking a stuff pork loin like the one in Dutch's other thread as well or are you just talking about the temp range associated to chicken only?
  17. y2kpitt

    A smoking good meal

    Well, at the time of that post I was a Newbe in regards to "Smoking". But I know my way around both a kitchen and a camp fire pretty well. I've been fairly lucky because I've got a few things going for me; 1) I grew up in a family where and cooking was one of the primary forms of...
  18. y2kpitt

    Smoked Groundhog

    Growing up on a farm in Iowa, 'coon stew was a regular winter feast at Grandma's kitchen table. Back when there was still a decent skin/fur market we use to hunt and trap those little bandits sell the skins and eat the meat. When we went out for morning chores, she would put the ‘coon meat...
  19. y2kpitt

    Propane Thermostat

    Bagger, check out this thread, http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=753 It is about a termostat controller for a propane burner. Based off of this thread and the thread that is link to it I went a head and ordered one this last weekend and should have it in a week or so.
  20. y2kpitt


    Cheech, Not yet, I got side tracked by work of all things :(. But I'm hoping to smoke some sausages, including the keilbasa this next week.
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