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  1. s24smoove

    Beginner Kitchener #12 question

    i think you should get proficient w/ the equipment you have, you will learn a lot, start small, keep things cold, cure will change the dlavor, and the characteristics of the pork, and rendes it somewhat indegestible, and some bodies may recognize cure is an invader, make sausage w/out cure and...
  2. s24smoove

    need a recipe W/O dry milk! know of any?

    agree w/ rg, shoot for 30% pork fat, i might even just round up to a 33%pork fat: 66% venison, don't grind the venison too much. to make a basic venison kielbasa, use 3-5 ounces of fresh garlic(one bulb yields about one ounce of fresh garlic), 25# venison, 8.66# pork fat, .33oz. marjoram, .33...
  3. s24smoove

    My very first smoke....

    nice work. i start my fires outside of the firebox and let all the wood/charcoal burn down to coals, then i load the firebox, and yes i use a combination of hard and fruitwoods, if i use mesquite, it is a small percentage, anyhow, congrats!
  4. s24smoove

    Classic Hot Italian Sausage and SmokeBrisket Sausage

    heck yeah, chef, you could probably whip up some fresh pasta before the water boils.
  5. s24smoove

    Classic Hot Italian Sausage and SmokeBrisket Sausage

    hey chef, i went to an italian themed food party saturday night and i brought sweet italian, hot italian and italian green chile....people loved it, the recipe is simple, it's the minutia that are difficult. and i will be busy this week, will probably post more pics in about a week.
  6. s24smoove

    Classic Hot Italian Sausage and SmokeBrisket Sausage

    thx, boyjko. appreciate it.
  7. s24smoove

    Sausages I Made This Week

    ok, here is what i made this week, Top level, italian green chile and classic kielbasa, lower level, more italian green chile, brat green chile, more kielbasa, more italian green chile, this is what i made yesterday and today.
  8. DSC00096.JPG


  9. s24smoove

    Sausage Fat Question.

    how about duck skin or chicken skin
  10. s24smoove

    Sausages I Made This Week

    thx driedstick, wait until i post pics of the cured stuff i make.
  11. s24smoove

    Brisket in a Pan??

    i do salt and smoke, oak, apple, hickory.
  12. s24smoove

    Brisket in a Pan??

    @ameskimo1, thx for linking the franklin vids, i didn't know anything about him and i'll tell you, it;s a nice feeling not knowing how much ur doin right and then see an accomplished pitmaster is doin the same things i am, or vice versa. i like this guys style, attitude and bbq philosophy, i...
  13. s24smoove

    Chicken Andouille and Buffalo Chicken sausage

    like your style rg, makin sausages and cold beer, sausagemaking is a lot of fun.
  14. s24smoove

    Sausages I Made This Week

    @driedstick, they are red bells over ring cut onion, lay down a bed of ring cut onion, salt, cut rings of red bell, salt, leave them uncovered, when the sausages are ready, about 20 minutes per [email protected], fold the red bells and onions together. i'll be posting more after this week.
  15. s24smoove

    Sausages I Made This Week

    Thx, foamheart, that's what's cool about sausages,there are so many combinations, the trick is to make it work as a sausage.
  16. s24smoove

    BRISKET TEXAS STYLE (follow up to Yesterdays post on Misconception of the 1 to 1.5 hour rule)

    That is basically how i smoke brisket, salt and smoke, and i employ many of the elements you have laid out here, nice!
  17. s24smoove

    First Beef on the new Char Griller Pellet Smoker

    looks delicious, nice!
  18. s24smoove

    Sausages I Made This Week

    The sausages on the top left are curry sausage. From lower left to right, spicy kielbasa, redchile bangers, sweet italian, spanish xorizo, this is the fresh xorizo, i'll cure some in the fall. These are all recipes which i developed: meat, herbs, salt. haven't had time to work up my new hot...
  19. Sausages I Made This Week

    Sausages I Made This Week

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