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  1. ratchuck

    Smoked a chicked. turd in a punch bowl. Where did I miss....

    Have you tried brushing some olive oil about hour before its finished. that usually works for me.
  2. ratchuck

    Brisket Time... Finished..

    finished product.. turned out not to shabby.. the thin end was little tough but not bad, think this was maybe cause it was all flopped over and not relaxed in smoker lol.. the upper fatty was fall apart Delicious, it was a little dry in some spots but tender throughout. So maybe more injection...
  3. ratchuck

    Smoked a chicked. turd in a punch bowl. Where did I miss....

    I Agree with Smokin AL, or Inject the flavors into the bird spices beer and all.. when i do a quick bird smoke like that i usally throw it in a salt brine for 30 min or so.. prolly doesnt do much but makes me feel right haha. rub it down and inject the crap out of it.  then throw it in the...
  4. ratchuck

    Brisket Time... Finished..

    owh and the tin foil?.. i didnt know what i was thinking last night but put this in after a full day of work and a 4 hour drive lol..
  5. ratchuck

    Brisket Time... Finished..

    Well Status update.  Think its going to be a good one!  Im trying the old tinfoil rap for the first time. well her is picture of Hour 4 and 8... another slow 8 to go i think we will see! first one is with flashlight haha.  little big for the smoker, but making it work.. temp gauge was a...
  6. ratchuck

    Brisket Time... Finished..

    Well been awhile since i've been able and had time to smoke a brisket so here is the the rub at Hour 0.. Rub is just; little honey to make it sticky, Johnney's Salt, peeper, pepper corns, garlic powder, onion powder, and a little blackend spice and a shot or five of AJ on the inside. will...
  7. ratchuck

    New to smoking, I need some help!

    I would get yourself a new temperature gauge and just double check the true temperature.  those factory temperature gauges never work or are not very accurate.
  8. 1229071052b.jpg


  9. ratchuck

    New to forum and a Hello and the set up, cheap and ugly but works for now!

    thanks for all the greetings! been looking at some delisious stuff that im going to have to try. and nope no smoked rats yet!
  10. ratchuck

    Thanksgiving turkey! late is better than never..

    started with the brine. water salt lots of garlic pepper onions chopped fine then cooked with apple wood. pictures are when i first put in, 1hour, 4hours, and done
  11. 01jan2011 032.JPG

    01jan2011 032.JPG

  12. 01jan2011 031.JPG

    01jan2011 031.JPG

  13. 01jan2011 030.JPG

    01jan2011 030.JPG

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    01jan2011 029.JPG

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    01jan2011 028.JPG

  16. ratchuck

    well little more info

    well not sure what they did with the first post! so heres the set up cheap and easy due to being in the air force and never home.. only 14 more months of that tho.  also some past smokes well got a thanksgiving turkey, party brisket, and some delisious elk jerky...
  17. 01jan2011 039.JPG

    01jan2011 039.JPG

  18. ratchuck

    well little more info

    well posted set up and some smoked goodies from past.  well little more about me currently in Texas originally from Washington state and will be back there in about 14 months.. woot woot cant wait. so be joining those PNW smokers and leaving these Texan smokers haha jk.. got to poke at the...
  19. ratchuck

    temp not getting over 200

    Like stated above. DO NOT TRUST THE FACTORY THERMO.. i made this mistake for about two weeks.. i finally got a stick thermo and a digital the double check just to make sure i was smoking at right temperature!
  20. ratchuck

    New to forum and a Hello and the set up, cheap and ugly but works for now!

    Howdy, well got some questions that need to be answered. and possibly be able to help answer some so figured id better join the forums.  well im currently 24 been smoking since i was a kid. being that my Father is a custom meat butcher/smoker.  well here is my cheap set up for now. currently in...
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