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  1. smokin_all_night

    An Indoor concrete block smoker

    After 18 months of construction (on and off), my indoor concrete block pit is complete. I have many pictures that were taken during the construction. Final pictures only are shown for now. Some stats: it's OD is 4ft x 6 ft and it is 42 inches tall. The cooking grate is 56 x 32 inches. The...
  2. smokin_all_night

    Concrete Block pit smoker new build

    I am designing, and planning to build, a concrete block smoker similar to what is used where I am from (Western Kentucky). It would be 4X8 feet outside by 4 ft tall. This would yield a 80 in x 32 in cooking area inside. I plan to build this smoker inside an existing building that has a concrete...
  3. smokin_all_night

    Whole Shoulder?

    Does anyone have a USDA diagram or picture that depicts a whole shoulder? As has been discussed at length on this forum, all that is available around here (North Texas) are Boston Butts and occasionally Picnics. I have gone to meat markets and despite being meat markets, they all seem to buy...
  4. smokin_all_night

    3-2-1 Method and Sauce Choices

    I haven't posted here for a while. I have been busy and spending my BBQ time working on sauce recipes. I have a silly notion that I'd like to market a line of sauces when I retire. Anyway, back to the subject. I developed a great Texas style sauce that everyone raves about. I used to cook ribs...
  5. smokin_all_night

    Texas Hill Country Barbecue Sauce

    My wife and I recently dined at one of the finest and most unique BBQ places. It lies South of Austin Texas in the Texas Hill Country near the tiny town of Driftwood Texas. The name of this oasis is Salt Lick Barbecue. It is a delightful place. Since then Rachael Ray ($40 a day) has graced them...
  6. smokin_all_night

    Smoking a pre-cooked ham

    Back home it was common to buy a pre-cooked ham and take it to the local BBQ joint and have it smoked. The flavor was wonderful. I have purchased a ham for Christmas and want to smoke it but need some advice. The ham is a Wilson smoked Pit Ham boneless, pre-cooked. Obviously what I want to do...
  7. smokin_all_night

    Weber digital remote meat themometer

    I purchased a Weber "Style" thermometer (model 329908) recently. It quit working on the second use. It is headed back to Target today. It worked OK when it worked but it is NOT suitable for barbecue use. Once again it looks like Weber does not have a clue. It requires that you select a meat...
  8. smokin_all_night

    The 3-2-1 method, a controlled experiment

    I have been reading about the 3-2-1 method of cooking ribs. While open minded, I am also skeptical by nature. Now Iâ€8482ve been smoking meat for 25 years with mixed success, I have self taught myself some things including my method of cooking ribs. Everyone who tastes my ribs says that they...
  9. smokin_all_night

    Great Outdoors, Smoky Mountain Series Propane smoker

    I own a Stainless steel verion of this smoker. I bought it at Sam's club for around $300. It is very well constructed, has dual wall construction, a brass burner, four racks for cooking, a rectangular water pan and a large wood box. I did move the wood box one inch closer to the flame. It...
  10. smokin_all_night

    Pork Barbecue Sauces

    Author: smokin_all_night This topic is a discussion of regional BBQ sauces of the South.
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