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  1. smokey steve

    There's ice and white stuff on my smoker!!

    Man , I miss the snow, haven't seen it since moving out of the snow belt, goin on 3 years now.
  2. smokey steve

    redneck playing with fire and smoke

    Glad to have ya here, we are practically neighbors.
  3. smokey steve


    I nominate Deer Meat, been a great member of this site and is overlooked.
  4. smokey steve


    Is there a list with all the OTBS members?
  5. smokey steve

    im new to BBQ

    Sorry bout your bad luck, but hey practice makes perfect they say. From my experience with cheese, start off with about 4 pieces of charcoal and just a few little pieces of wood, should be just about all you need. The cheese shouldn't be on any longer than an hour IMO. Use cheese cloth or if you...
  6. smokey steve

    im new to BBQ

    First off Welcome, you will love it here, many many good people willing to help out.Secondly, Not to be a meanie or anything but your post is kinda hard to follow without commas or periods, must be the excitement of this place. Need help with anything give an oink and someone will be with you as...
  7. smokey steve

    gypsy's shrimp salad

    Yeah no WaliWorld crap here, We get em straight off the boat, I drive down to Fernandina Beach Florida bout 2 hours away once a week and pick em up. We are selling the large for 6.99 per lb head on and the jumbos for 7.99 per lb head on. I will get back with ya on the drop shipping also. Have a...
  8. smokey steve

    gypsy's shrimp salad

    I am going to definetly have to try this one, me and the old lady's pops just opened up a seafood market in town and we are selling about 150 to 200 lbs of shrimp a week and I am getting bored with fried shrimp. Thanks for sharing, cant wait to try it out.
  9. smokey steve


    Just do the it the exact way you do your butts like mentioned above. Picnics just taste alittle more like ham thats all. When I do em I separate pieces for pulling, slicing and bark and let whoever thats eating get what they want.
  10. smokey steve

    Mustard Sauce

  11. smokey steve

    Mustard Sauce

    Hey Debi, I finally got around to trying your suggestion and it did the trick, much appreciated. Now hopefully I can find some time to actually cook this year.
  12. smokey steve

    Happy Birthday SoFlaQuer

    Happy Birthday, Have a good one.
  13. smokey steve

    Wish Tonto well

    Best wishes guys, I hope everything gets better. God bless.
  14. smokey steve

    Happy Birthday Dutch!!!

    Happy B-Day Dutch......Doin up some wicked beans in your honor. Have a good one.
  15. smokey steve

    Happy Birthday SALBAJE GATO and Pappy59

    Happy B-Day Ya'll.....Have a good one.
  16. smokey steve

    Grandson in the Hospital

    Ramona and my prayers go out to you and your family.
  17. smokey steve

    Happy Birthday DeejayDebi

    Happy Birthday Debi
  18. smokey steve

    happy birthday AZ_redneck

    Happy Birthday AZ.....Have a great one!!!
  19. smokey steve

    Pork Shoulder Boston Butt Roast - Need idea's

    Truely the hardest part
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