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  1. gstein

    Heating Element/SSR/PID

    I have a fridge converted smoker that I ran with two hot plates.  I never got above 175 which is fine because I only used it for sausage and jerky.  Well, I burned out the hot plates and would like to rebuild it in a way that allows to get to 250 for BBQ.   I'd like to try to install a heating...
  2. gstein

    Summer Sausage Moisture Loss

    LHP 20-30% is what I was thinking. Thanks.
  3. gstein

    Summer Sausage Moisture Loss

    Yes,I plan on using bacteria and fermenting. And yes, I'm hoping it to be shelf stable. I've had success before but I'm trying to get more precise.
  4. gstein

    Summer Sausage Moisture Loss

    This is helpful, thanks. Really I am doing this same thing. I was just interested in if people weight the sausage before and after and target a certain weight loss.
  5. gstein

    Summer Sausage Moisture Loss

    Does anyone have thoughts on how much weight/moisture loss I should target for fast fermented summer sausages.  A lot of these books talk about aw but I can't measure that and I figured that I can measure total moisture lost by weighting before and after but I don't know what to shoot for.  
  6. gstein

    Smoking in MKE

    I've getting into BBQ and fermented sausages the past few years.  
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