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  1. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Thanks. Yeah this literally the first time I’ve ever tried a naked smoke. The additions after I chopped it helped a lot.
  2. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    So pulled the pork butt at 200F internal temp. Took just under 7 hours for an 8lb butt. Tender but not mush. Perfect for chopped pork. Flavor was just meh... like a slightly Smokey roast pork. Chopped it, then added back in some drippings, pounded it with my dry rub mix, a little homemade bbq...
  3. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Yeah it’s a mix between like a pork roast Sunday dinner and applewood smoked bacon. Not what I’m used to, but definitely smells good. Anxious to taste it
  4. BaxtersBBQ

    Smoking and Camping adventures

    Man I’m jealous. Looks like an awesome time!
  5. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Just hit 4 hours and 157 internal temp. It’s a smaller butt so it’s moving pretty fast now. Just wrapped it and will let it go until like 195. I have to say it’s the “porkiest” smelling one I’ve ever done
  6. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Thanks guys. I think I’ll probably end up seasoning it with some rub and maybe some vinegar when I chop it just to add a little flavor
  7. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Just hit 3 hours internal temp at 130F. Starting to smell amazing. Using 2/3 Apple 1/3 Hickory
  8. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    I normally aim for like 190-195, I do more of a chopped pork. I’ll be using it for a pizza special tomorrow. I’ve screwed up a few briskets in my day but never a pork butt lol. I’m not worried about it being dry too much. I’m just more curious how the bark will taste. They seem to be pretty...
  9. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Oh nice. I just learned something!
  10. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Trying a bit of an experiment today. Just threw a pork butt in the smoker completely naked. No sauce, no rub, no seasoning. Ive seen a restaurant on tv that does it this way. Curious how it will turn out. My biggest worry is it getting dry, but I will still wrap it around 4-5 hours. Anybody...
  11. BaxtersBBQ

    Ribs for Dinner

    They look awesome! Now I’m craving ribs
  12. BaxtersBBQ

    smoker question on "type " of smoke

    I started with a kettle then I went to an offset... both of those are long gone and the last three smokers I’ve purchased are all electric. It’s just a heating element like an electric stove that heats under a metal box until the wood chips smoke, at the same time this heating element regulates...
  13. BaxtersBBQ

    New guy, still in the buying process!

    I started on a kettle. They’re ok... I mean they’re versatile if you like to grill and stuff too. Personally I would go electric. I agree with “fivetricks”. Just grab a masterbuilt from Walmart. Focus on the food/ recipes and Temps and cook times. Then work your way up to an offset. Fire...
  14. BaxtersBBQ

    Fatty advice needed!

    Frozen broccoli is a nice hack... already pre cooked just need to heat it
  15. BaxtersBBQ


    Agree! Has to be smash burger on the flattop. Super thin and crispy. Allows for more patties, more layers of cheese, and more seasoning and crust from the cooking. All I need is the cheese and maybe some grilled onion with a toasted bun!
  16. BaxtersBBQ

    Fajita chicken with Mexican street corn

    Street corn is one of my favorite things ever. Meal looks awesome!
  17. BaxtersBBQ

    Does anyone actually clean the inside of their smoker?

    Never used to. But after one winter I opened My smoker and the mold looked like a science experiment. Seriously looked like spiderwebs from a sci-fi movie. Now I clean after every use.
  18. BaxtersBBQ

    Dino Ribs

    Good lookin ribs!
  19. BaxtersBBQ

    A couple of questions regarding Sous Vide

    There’s a dude on YouTube with a channel called Sous Vide Everything. Check him out. Personally I can’t give you much info but I watch that guy all the time. He does smoked meats too
  20. BaxtersBBQ

    First "Successful" Brisket

    Nailed it, Looks AWESOME! Congrats!
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