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  1. bubbastump

    Need help with setup of a custom box

    So I will have this in a week or 2 next week I need to empty it and bring it home. It’s a heavy steel tool box with a 1/2 shelf . I will post pics next time I’m there. Not sure if I should do a external firebox or on the bottom. Throw me some ideas what y’all would do.. btw did I mention I’m...
  2. bubbastump

    Military Smokers?

    ABF2 Stump USS Tarawa LHA-1 Aug 92-Aug 96 CVNE 0366 Reserve unit 96-2000
  3. bubbastump

    smoker idea need help

    So I have 3 55gal drums. I know the design I want and can see it in my head. I don't have the equipment to manufacture the idea and put it into use. Anyone here live close to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia that can help me. my idea is a themed smoker. A fire hydrant. the 2 smaller hose...
  4. bubbastump

    UDS burn

    Clean it good with a strong soap and plenty of water burn nice and hot and repeat. Should be fine. just remember its illegal in most places to burn oil or residue so it needs to be soaked up in rags and properly disposed of before you start the wash. Simple green is a harsh cleaner to start...
  5. bubbastump

    need mass helpage on my uds

    I have been doing more reading than posting trying to learn something, I am overwhelmed with yalls knowledge. basically I have my 30th design in mind if not higher. I plan on putting a 55 gallon drum on top of a box. using the calculator I need a 67" chimney if I use the 2" cap on the lid. I...
  6. bubbastump

    UDS Build..BEFORE and AFTER

    that thing is a beauty. I could never fathom making such a nice looking smoker. Heck I have been trying to think of a design for my build and if it turns out 1/3 as nice as that I will be happy. And you made that as a gift? Wow someone was super lucky to have you as a friend.
  7. bubbastump

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Ever since the old Disney show duck tales came out  89-90ish all my lady friends called me bubba duck then got shortened to bubba. My last name is Stump, so Bubba Stump was born, Then when I was in the navy Forrest Gump came out and since I was the cook at all my buddies get togethers  it took...
  8. bubbastump

    Come Back Every Day to Win! A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

     “If I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest, I plan to smoke _turkey and deer shoulders___ for Thanksgiving.”
  9. bubbastump

    Wire racks for smoker builds

    http://www.bbqguys.com/category_path_11458.html This is who I plan on getting my custom racks from. I was having the same question . My only hold up now is a welding machine which needs tax return money first.  but I am starting to lean on plates with holes on it more for my bottom rack mainly...
  10. bubbastump

    need help on resurrecting old bigger smoker.

    so I have been using my smaller gas smoker for the last 2 years, Now with turkey day approaching I need to use my larger one. The delima I am having is the seasoning on the walls is peeling off like paint. Should I clean it to like new or just do a hot and heavy smoke on and recoat it. I have...
  11. bubbastump


    for briskets I smoke naked to make good burnt ends but have clothed in foil for the cook off. (came in 2nd) I use the trusty walmart wireless temp probe so I don't have to open meat box at all. I cook at 220-230 range and cook till the center hits 205-213. the brisket comes out juicy and...
  12. my first fattie pie

    my first fattie pie

  13. bubbastump

    my first fattie pie

    on the bottom is my first fattie which turned in to a pie. I used 1 pound of breakfast sausage, 1 pound of shredded cheese, and 1 pound of country sausage with the bacon wrap. I smoked it at 220 degrees under my brisket for 6 hours this is the end result, orgasam in the mouth.... a big hit...
  14. IMAG0196.jpg


  15. IMAG0195.jpg


  16. bubbastump

    First time smoking a turkey breast and have some questions.

    on average of about 235 degrees you want 30 min a pound and yes cherry wood is awesome, Pecan is good also but harder to come by.
  17. bubbastump

    Just started smoking......I feel reborn (1st time pics included)

    welcome to the world of good food.... Nice looking pics, and what are those claw things? I need a set..
  18. bubbastump

    Smoked venison leg

    kinda hot? with deer meat ya want slow cooks to help keep it tender. I am doing the same thing. plan on about 200-250 I use a lil glue on the meat consisting of grapeseed oil mustard powder and bbq sauce. I like Stubbs hickory bourbon flavor, then pat it with brown sugar and various spices.
  19. bubbastump

    Can't get pics of my ABT

    So after reading so much on these I decided to make some and test them on my brothers at the fire house. Needless to say as soon as I remove them from oven they get eaten. I hope to smoke some with the turkey at the fire house along with some deer shoulders. Has anyone else tried the flavored...
  20. bubbastump

    Who's smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving?

    Im smoking one for the fire dept. the key is a good brine...
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