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  1. que-ball

    Que-ball has entered the Witless Protection Program!

    As you can see from my post count, I'm not new to the forums, but the admins were gracious enough to allow me to change my username.  Being an unimaginative sort I was originally registered under my real name because I couldn't think of anything clever, but I began to worry more about identity...
  2. que-ball

    What is EVOO, anyway?

    I know it stands for extra virgin olive oil, but how is it different from regular olive oil? Come to think of it, it seems that ALL olive oil marketed for cooking is labelled extra virgin.
  3. que-ball

    Dried japs question

    I picked up some sausage making supplies from my "local" butchershop (100 miles away), and as an afterthought added this bag of dried jalopeno peppers to use in a future venison brat and/or venison polish sausage session. I forgot to ask his recommendation for a starting ratio of peppers to...
  4. que-ball

    A question on making wild rice brats?

    I want to try making some venison bratwurst this fall with wild rice mixed right in. Should the wild rice be cooked first? I'm thinking yes. What ratio of meat to rice should I have? Oops, that was two questions. Tim
  5. que-ball

    Is there a fast way to CBP?

    Does anybody have a fast way to coarse-grind peppercorns? I have a pepper mill for table use, but I can't see using that to grind pepper by the ounce for making sausage. Would something like a Magic Bullet work? It seems to me someone on SMF had mentioned using a cordless drill as a power...
  6. que-ball

    Throwdown Entry #2--Omelet in a Bag Fattie

    This is an easy variation of the classic breakfast fattie. I started with bratwurst instead of a breakfast sausage just because I had a big tub of them I'd just picked up at Sam's Club. Ingredients: 5 fresh bratwurst, uncased 3 eggs Diced white onion Diced green pepper Diced venison summer...
  7. que-ball

    Throwdown Entry #1--Bratwurst Fattie

    With preseason football starting and the first games right around the corner, I chose the classic/tailgater category for my first throwdown entries. Behold, the Bratwurst Fattie! Ingredient list: 5 fresh bratwurst, uncased and smushed together Yellow mustard Sauerkraut, juice squeezed out...
  8. que-ball

    Philly cheesesteak fattie w/Q-view

    Ingredients list: JD sage sausage Provolone cheese Venison prime rib Onion, sauteed Mushroom, sauteed Bacon wrap First, the JD sage sausage, rolled out. Provolone cheese, then venison roast. The roast had been injected and rubbed with Curly's prime rib kit and cooked in my smoker but without...
  9. que-ball

    My first pizza fattie, with lots of Q-view

    Here's my first attempt at a pizza fattie. First, the ingredient spread. This pick always worries me, because I feel locked in. The JD Italian rolled out in a ziplock. The mozzarella cheese. Pizza sauce, pepperoni, and diced onions added. Oops! The pepperoni isn't in this pic, but trust...
  10. que-ball

    I need to mod FrankenFridge from electric to propane

    I made an old fridge into a smoker a few years ago using electric hot plates for the power. I want to now convert it to propane. Can somebody recommend a good propane burner to use, suggestions on how to keep the burner lit, etc?
  11. que-ball

    My first fattie with my first Q-view

    I've read about so many great fatties here, that I finally got brave enough to try my own, with decidedly mixed results. First, the recipe. Sorry, no Q-view of the ingredients. _Breakfast fattie_ 1# John Morell original Shredded cheddar cheese Diced onion Diced frozen deseeded jalopenos 2 eggs...
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