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  1. smokemack

    Whole chicken HELP

    The time will depend on the size of the bird. I usually smoke a 4-5 pound bird for about 3.5-4.5 hours at 225 degrees. Best to use a digital therm that you can insert into the bird. I pull the bird at 150 (that's just my liking); most will say let it hit 165...
  2. smokemack

    Weekend chicken part 1

    Ah, the ever familiar "bonus pack" of Sanderson thighs. They frequent my freezer as well. Keep us posted on the brine and smoke. I have been smoking chicken without brine for a little over a year now, brined my last batch of yard birds and think I liked it better/could tell a difference. More...
  3. smokemack

    summersville lake west virginia

    WOW! I used to spend summers with my Dad on the lake (20 years ago). Used to spearfish and water ski right up to the day before they would drain it... Wish I could join ya!! Have fun!!
  4. smokemack

    Okie in the house

    Welcome! Great lookin' smoker! Have fun with the first smoke, get ready to live!!
  5. smokemack

    Pulled Pork Question

    Debi does exactly what I do; throw the juice in the fridge/freezer for a bit. Let the fat harden up, then scrape it off and add the juice.
  6. smokemack

    Butt and Ribs Today! It's been a while since I posted a smoke!

    Great looking smoke Meowy. I'm interested in the AJ/Captain spray, I'll try that on the next smoke.
  7. smokemack

    happy birthday low&slow

    Happy Birthday!
  8. smokemack

    Charcoal Smoker Modifications

    Sorry all. Looks like the link to the pics I had found is no longer...
  9. smokemack

    Happy Birthday Smokemack!

    THANKS! I'll be smokin' it up later this week. Workin' today.
  10. smokemack

    Today's Mission

    WOW, the food looks FANTASTIC Blackhawk; quite inspiring! Thanks also for the great narration! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  11. smokemack

    Cold Smoked Salmon

    OK, It's been a long cold winter here in Colorado. Smokes in the cold have been few and far between, I can't wait for summer! I decided to take advantage of the cold the other day and add cold smoked salmon to my "repertoire". Here goes... I started with a whole side of fish; cut a few 6 ounce...
  12. smokemack

    Thank God and TulsaJeff

    Fantastic changes Jeff! Thank you so much for your time and effort! It's beautiful!:D
  13. smokemack

    Happy Birthday SmokeWatcher

    Happy Birthday SmokeWatcher!
  14. smokemack


    My name is Jay, I'm a smoker too Norm. Glad to have you with us. You're finally home...
  15. smokemack

    New to forum (sort of)

    A warm welcome from up north in Superior (Boulder County)! how are you dealing with all of the strange weather? Sub zero temps and snow measured in feet really put a damper on my winter smoking. I was tearin' it up this summer (my first on the smoker), but have only smoked twice since all of the...
  16. smokemack

    Hi all

    Welcome bob.e, glad to have you with us! Smoking inside sounds good to me, I just worry about the house getting all "smoked up"... Sounds like it works for you, and that's really all that matters. Keep (indoor) smoking!!
  17. smokemack

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum SmokinBro. Time to spread your wings and try something new. How 'bout some ribs or pork butt..? Glad to have you with us, enjoy!!
  18. smokemack

    Just saying hello

    Welcome to the forum Steve. Like everyone else, I'd love to see your work. Post some pics of your smoker if you can, it sounds nice.
  19. smokemack

    new here!!

    Glad to have you with us. You've found a great place to share, and learn. Enjoy!
  20. smokemack

    New member - just saying Hello

    Welcome Chris, glad you're here. Weigh your options, PigCicles gives great food for thought. I love my wood smoker, just feels right for smokin' to me. That's just me, I love tendin' to the fire, stokin' the wood chunks, drinkin' a cold one, gettin' covered in smoke... Enough already, welcome...
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